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Robust data management is the backbone of a successful business, impacting everything from day-to-day operations to long-term strategic planning and growth. Ensuring accurate, current, and easily accessible information is vital for making timely and informed decisions. MOS provides a comprehensive range of data services tailored to enable businesses to maximize the potential of their valuable data assets.

Our comprehensive suite of data services includes data cleansing, processing, extraction, and capture. Our solutions elevate available data by enhancing its accuracy, accessibility, resilience, and management, making information more valuable to users and programs. With real-time access to accurate information, teams can make collaborative decisions swiftly, enhancing overall productivity and responsiveness.

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Benefits of Data Services

Improved collaboration
Data security and integrity
Provides a competitive edge
Swift and informed decision-making
Enhanced customer service

Get real-time insights

Increased operational efficiency
Fuels innovation and growth
Allows data monetization

Competitive Pricing

Recognizing the significance of data services in contemporary business operations, we offer competitive pricing to make our expertise accessible to organizations of all sizes. Our commitment to transparent pricing, free of hidden fees, allows clients to forecast and manage outsourcing costs effectively. Choose us as your partner for dependable, high-quality data services that seamlessly align with your budget!

Our Data Services Portfolio

Our expert team provides top-notch solutions to meet each client’s unique business needs. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to clean, process, extract, and capture data.
Data Mining

Our team employs advanced techniques to analyze vast datasets, extracting valuable patterns and correlations. Transform raw data into a valuable asset, and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape with our comprehensive and insightful data mining solutions. We turn insights into actionable strategies.

Data Cleansing Services

Our services are designed to purify your data, eliminating inaccuracies, redundancies, and inconsistencies to provide you with a trustworthy information foundation. Through deduplication processes, we enhance the quality of your data and fortify it for strategic decision-making.

Data Scrubbing, Validation & Verification

Data Enrichment

Data Deduplication

Database Standardization

Data Processing Services

We can convert raw, diverse data into meaningful formats, ensuring that your information becomes a valuable asset for strategic insights. Our commitment to QA involves rigorous validation processes, guaranteeing the accuracy and completeness of your processed data.

Image Entry and Processing

Data Extraction Services

Our efficient extraction processes enable the retrieval of
valuable insights from both structured and unstructured data. Whether through web scraping for market analysis, extracting
data from documents, PDFs, or other textual formats, we ensure the seamless and accurate extraction of data.

Meta Data Extraction from Directories/Websites/Forums

Data Extraction From Data Bases

PDF Data Extraction

Market Data Extraction

Data Capture

Our data capture solutions ensure fast and precise extraction of data, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors. Employing Optical Character Recognition (OCR), we transform physical documents into machine-readable data, enhancing accessibility and streamlining information retrieval.

Data Entry

Linear Imaging

Data Extraction from the Web

Document Scanning and Indexing

Data Migration Services

Our support for data migration projects covers support for planning, executing, and validation to ensure that the data is transferred accurately, securely, and without loss or corruption. We help you map your data to the new environment, testing to confirm integrity. We utilize specialized tools to streamline the process.

CRM Data Migration

ERP Data Migration

E-commerce Platform Data Migration

HR System Data Migration

Why Choose MOS?

Commitment to accuracy

Custom data solutions

Faster turnaround time

Extensive experience in
diverse data services

Use of advanced

Stringent quality

Streamlined data
management processes

Extensive experience in
diverse data services

Use of advanced

Streamlined data
management processes

Stringent quality

Streamline your operations with our cutting-edge data services!

Our Data Services Process Steps

Our data processing solutions begin with a thorough consultation and needs assessment, gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ objectives. Following this, our team designs custom solutions tailored to specific data requirements, employing advanced techniques in data cleansing, processing, and extraction.

Data Services Process


What sets your data extraction services apart?
Our data extraction services efficiently retrieve valuable information from diverse sources, both structured and unstructured. Whether through web scraping or document parsing, we ensure accurate and comprehensive data extraction to meet your specific needs.
How do you ensure the security of data during migration?
Our data migration services prioritize security. We employ secure transfer protocols, conduct thorough validation processes, and implement measures to safeguard data integrity, ensuring a smooth and secure transition between systems, databases, or platforms.
Can your data services be customized for unique business requirements?
Yes. Our services are designed with flexibility in mind. We customize solutions based on your specific needs, ensuring that the services align seamlessly with your business goals and data management objectives.
What kind of technology is used for data capture in your services?

Volume of work, project complexity, and urgency are the key factors impacting project TAT. At MOS, we provide quality data conversion services in a short turnaround time (TAT). Our team completes projects within the specified turnaround time (anywhere from 24 hours or less).

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