FAQs For Managed Outsource Solutions

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based outsourcing company offering a range of BPO solutions. Owned and managed by experienced clinical and management specialists, we have almost two decades of outsourcing service experience, handling BPO and back-office tasks for healthcare, legal, information technology, and other sectors. We work with entities in a wide range of industries, ranging from start-ups to major companies.

Find some frequently asked questions and answers regarding our business process outsourcing services.

Any special offers?

Yes. Along with solutions at competitive prices, clients can benefit from:

  • Volume discounts: We offer volume and ongoing project discounts.
  • Free trial: We offer you a free trial service, which helps you sample service quality, turnaround time before signing up.
  • Cost savings: We ensure client operational cost savings of 30 to 40% on most of the services we offer.
Do you have any provisions for quality assurance?
We have stringent quality control measures in place for all the services we provide. Professional quality assurance teams implement quality checks at various levels to ensure top accuracy for deliverables. Our quality assurance process includes

  • Every project is assigned to a project manager and team.
  • Each project will have QA/QC team that manages and checks for quality.
  • Random audits are done for all projects.
  • If SLA requires we even manage projects with full audits as well.
  • Quality is taken seriously and we work hard to manage and continue to deliver to our client’s expectations.
Do you offer software development services?
Yes, our professional software development team provides world-class software development services and web-based solutions that are compatible with all platforms.
How do I exercise control over my project?
Our project execution process is such that clients can maintain control over their project. They can directly interact with the project manager any time via a toll-free telephone number, email or fax. Customer support is available 24/7 all through the year. We provide our clients with timely reports to help track project performance.
How secure is my data with you?
At MOS we use secure file transfer methods such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and browser based 256 AES encryption. Our staff is bound by a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) so that all sensitive client data and information stays secure and confidential. Our work environment features computers with user login verification and validation, provisions for backup and recovery, authorization and password policies, firewalls and intrusion detection, network monitoring, and more. We adhere to all industry security standards. Our transcription and other healthcare related services strictly abide by HIPAA guidelines.
I have more specific questions. Whom should I call?
Our Senior Solutions Manager will be glad to help you. Call (800) 670 2809 or write to info@managedoutsource.com.
Is there any limit to the size or number of back office projects you can handle?
We have the technology and resources to handle projects of any size or volume. With high-speed internet connectivity and advanced software and hardware, MOS can handle your project with the highest degree of professionalism.
What about your Service Level Agreement?
Our Service Level Agreement provides our clients with a clear understanding about our project methodology, delivery schedule, and quality assurance. It also helps clear the ground about priorities, operation, performance and billing. Each project is assigned a separate project manager to ensure quality and solutions to meet deadlines.
What should I choose MOS as an outsourcing partner?
An ideal outsourcing company would work as an extension to your company and not independently of it. MOS will strive to provide you with the Expertise in the area where you require the service A dedicated workforce of experienced and qualified professionals Has a proven track record Be a reliable and trustworthy partner Services in customized turnaround time At MOS, we have a solutions-focused approach. We strive to tailor our resources to solve the unique challenges of each client. We are constantly researching and developing our resources to serve our clients better.
Why should I outsource?
Outsourcing non-core business functions to a reliable BPO can help to improve your business, reduce labor costs and infrastructure investment, and improve productivity. The major advantage is that outsourcing can free up time and resources for your core business activities. More than a tool to reduce costs, today outsourcing also adds value to your business with skilled labor resources, expertise in the latest technologies, standardized procedures, increased efficiency, and reduced turnaround time.

Outsourcing can be done in US or Offshore. It comes down to client requirements. With teams that specifically focus on the project the quality of the work increases. If you Offshore then you can capitalize on the time difference part as well.