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Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is focused on providing a range of business process outsourcing services for organizations across a variety of industries to help them efficiently manage their documents and achieve business growth. We have been in business since 2002 and have an excellent track record and happy clients.

Our case studies will better highlight our experience in the industry in providing customized BPO solutions including data entry, data cleansing, document scanning and imaging, document conversion and legal process outsourcing. You can also get to know all the benefits our customers enjoy with our services — such as reduced document management expenses and increased revenue.

Data Entry Services

Excel Conversion

Major Data Entry Project Completed Flawlessly and Quickly

We received a request from a UK printing/publishing company working in the education arena in early 2010. All of their projects have fund raising capabilities for schools. Their biggest project is Christmas Cards; which was their reason for contacting us. Read More »

Data Entry Services

Quality Data Entry Work Impresses Energy Company in Pennsylvania

An experienced data entry company in the U.S., Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) has been serving a leading, privately owned, independent oil and natural gas exploration and Production Company in the Appalachian Basin with accurate data entry… Read More »

Accurate Data Entry

Mammoth Data Entry Task Being Done Accurately and Economically

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) offers comprehensive data entry, medical billing and coding, medical and legal transcription, document conversion, and SEO services. Our client is one of UK’s largest school Christmas card printing companies since its inception in 2006. Read More »

Quick Excel Data Entry from Invoices for Insurance Company

Quick Excel Data Entry from Invoices for Insurance Company

MOS, Managed Outsource Solutions, provides comprehensive data entry services as part of its back office outsourcing solutions. One of our clients, The Travelers Insurance Companies is an American insurance company. This company is the second largest… Read More »

Data Entry and Conversion

Timely Data Entry and Conversion Streamlined Resource Management

Keeping track of information, resources and logistics is a challenge for most companies. Our client is a leading privately owned, independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company in the Appalachian Basin. In the beginning they limited their… Read More »

Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Safer Internet Day

February 9 – Observe Safer Internet Day 2021

The internet is an integral part of everyone’s lives and digital technology helps us stay connected across many different platforms. Safer Internet Day (SID) aims to create a safer and better internet, where everyone is empowered to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. Celebrated annually since 2004, Safer Internet Day falls on the second… Read More »

Robotic Process Automation

How Robotic Process Automation Is Significant in the Education Sector

With fierce competition and adoption of technology-aided processes, the higher-education environment has been witnessing a revolutionary change over the recent years. Be it holding parent-teacher meetings or creating a favorable learning environment, administrative processes at schools, colleges and universities are unnecessarily paper heavy and take away considerable time and resources. The significant changes in student… Read More »

Cloud Stocks

5 Cloud Stocks That are Growing in Popularity

Business organizations now depend on digital tools to ensure a smooth workflow. When it comes to sensitive records, important documents and other crucial records, safe storage is critical. An ideal way to protect business documents is to digitize them with the help of a reliable document conversion company. This will prevent damage to the documents… Read More »

Thesis Conversion

More User Friendly Reading for the Web User with Thesis Conversion

A Harvard University graduate had two MIT PhD theses, 174 pages in length and in PDF format. However, realizing that the PDF format was not very user-friendly for web users, he wanted the files converted to HTML format. He also wanted his theses… Read More »

Quick and Accurate PDF to HTML Thesis Conversion

Quick and Accurate PDF to HTML Thesis Conversion

MOS, Managed Outsource Solutions, is an experienced provider of comprehensive data conversion services among many other back office solutions. We were approached by New York City-based venture capital firm Union Square Ventures (USV), a collegial partnership… Read More »

Document Scanning

Quality Document Scanning and Extra Service Made Client Very Happy

Client had 290 boxes of paper that needed to be scanned. While working on this project, we suggested they allow us to add the pages to a database which they could use. The 290 boxes were labeled in specific ways… Read More »

Data Conversion

Data Conversion of Law Practice Manual Expertly Handled

MOS offers comprehensive data conversion solutions to serve organizational or individual needs across the nation. One such client has been the Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA). The OBA was formed in 1904 and a major reorganization took place in 1939 when it was made mandatory for… Read More »

Legal Services

Our Superior Legal Coding Assistance Helps Client File Case on Time

Our Superior Legal Coding Assistance Helps Client File Case on Time

Paint ads – they had a case about lead paint. They needed someone to go through all of their previous print advertising related to paint and find out what towns they were advertised in (advertised by cities) and every ad and tell them… Read More »

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