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Facing a paper document deluge? Effective records management demands meticulous document conversion to optimize information accessibility, security and adaptability across various systems and platforms. Digitizing your documents can facilitate swift processing, immediate accessibility, and proper archival to meet regulatory guidelines.

An experienced document conversion company in the U.S, Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) provides high-quality document conversion solutions to transform bulk documents into the desired format, making data easy to access, store and manage. We have extensive experience providing document management solutions for libraries, historical societies, law firms, litigation service companies, insurance firms, and corporate, government, and educational institutions.

The benefits of partnering with MOS include:

Focus on your Core Competencies
Cost Savings
of 40%
Security and Confidentiality
Focus on your Core Competencies
Customized Solutions
Cost Savings of 40%
Security and Confidentiality
Compliance Adherence

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Benefits of Document Conversion

Enhanced data access

Improved team collaboration

Space and cost savings

Enhanced data security

Streamlined workflow

Environmental sustainability

Competitive Pricing

We understand that document conversion is a critical aspect of modern business operations, and our competitive rates ensure that organizations of all sizes can access our expertise without straining their budgets. We believe in transparent pricing, without hidden fees, enabling our clients to forecast and manage their outsourcing costs effectively. Partner with us for reliable, high-quality document conversion services that align seamlessly with your budgetary requirements.

Customized Document Conversion Services

Our specialized services are crafted to effortlessly convert a variety of content formats into the universally adaptable HTML format. Whether your documents are in PDF, Word, or any other format, we utilize cutting-edge tools and techniques to guarantee precise, pixel-perfect HTML conversions. Unlock the full potential of your content for seamless accessibility and versatility.
From Word documents to Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, our advanced conversion tools guarantee unparalleled precision and reliability throughout the process. Our priority is preserving the original layout, formatting, and hyperlinks, ensuring that the resulting PDF files mirror the source content with absolute accuracy.
We go beyond simple conversion, offering additional features such as creating editable Word documents, optimizing layouts for consistency, and ensuring compatibility across different devices and platforms. Committed to uncompromising quality, our comprehensive services can enhance document accessibility, collaboration, and overall workflow efficiency.
We can transform various data sources, such as databases, spreadsheets, or proprietary formats, into Extensible Markup Language (XML). Throughout the conversion process, we prioritize maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the original data, ensuring that the resulting XML documents adhere to industry standards.

Microfilm/Microfiche Conversion

Using state-of-the-art digitization tools, we convert microfilm and microfiche records into digital formats, ensuring optimal clarity and accuracy. Our conversion process involves high-resolution scanning, image enhancement, and thorough quality checks to capture every detail from microfilm and microfiche images.
We provide precise and accurate conversion of CAD drawings, models, and plans, optimizing them for compatibility with different CAD software applications. Whether it involves converting AutoCAD files to SolidWorks, Revit to DXF, or any other format interchange, our services are designed to enhance workflow efficiency.
We prioritize maintaining the integrity of text, images, and formatting to offer a reader-friendly and visually appealing eBook. Whether for commercial distribution or personal use, our services support a variety of eBook formats such as ePub, MOBI, and PDF, ensuring compatibility with major eReaders and online platforms.

Legacy Document Digitization

For businesses struggling with outdated document formats and legacy systems, MOS offers a transformative solution. Our services transition historical documents—be it aging manuscripts, archival photographs, or obsolete file formats—into the digital era. Trust us to ensure the longevity and accessibility of your vital records.
We specialize in converting data into various formats, optimizing it for compatibility, accessibility, and usability. From simple file format conversions to more complex database migrations, our services cover a spectrum of data types. We prioritize data integrity, consistency, and security throughout the process.

Why Choose Managed Outsource Solutions?

Our value-added solutions are designed to help organizations transition from paper-based processes to digital workflows, ensuring easier access to information, improved data security, and enhanced productivity. Our other value points include:
Assigned Project Team

Dedicated Project Manager for Each Client

Security, Access and Compliance
Intelligent Scanning Based on Specific Requirements

Editable Files to Resolve Redundancy

Competitive Pricing with Considerable Savings
Quick Turnaround Time
99% Quality Assurance Following Verification

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Document Conversion Process Steps

At MOS, we follow a systematic process to efficiently and accurately convert physical or digital documents into the desired digital format. Our process is designed to ensure data accuracy, security, and client satisfaction.
Our Process


What types of documents can MOS convert?
Our services cater to a wide range of document types, including but not limited to PDFs, Word documents, images, microfilm, microfiche, CAD files, and more. Whether you have legacy documents, books, or data in various formats, we have the expertise to convert them into easily accessible digital formats.
We have sensitive documents and/or we don’t have a lot of space. Can the scanning project be completed on-site?
We can tailor our team size and equipment to fit your timeline, available space, and security needs. Our scanning technology also provides a full chain of custody and tracking for every task regardless of their location.
Do we need to supply you with equipment or supplies?
No. We provide all of our own equipment and supplies, including printers, production scanners, computers, servers, boxes, laptops, software, etc.
Who has access to records during the conversion process?
Documents are only accessible to team members and the manager assigned to your project. Each team member has their own unique ID that is captured during each task to keep track of who has touched, looked at, scanned, etc. each document at every stage of the project.
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What our Customers Say

A. Jill C. Mccrory, Esq.

Jan and Meghann are the BEST!!! They are responsive, professional and fast! Thank you so much for making my job easier!!!

Warm Regards,

Scheduling Coordinator, The Boston Center, 170 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02116

Dolan Dougherty

Efficient, flexible, cost-effective solution!

A. Jill C. Mccrory, Esq.

Jan and Meghann are the BEST!!! They are responsive, professional and fast! Thank you so much for making my job easier!!!

Warm Regards,

LL.M. Taxation, McCrory Law Firm, 309 Tamiami Tr., Punta Gorda, FL 33950

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