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Partner with the best document scanning service provider in NYC! Go paperless and save space with our digitization services!

Scanning and digitizing backlog paper documents is an essential but time consuming task that can be easily achieved with professional document scanning services. Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) has extensive experience in helping companies digitize paper documents, microfilm, and more. We serve all types of organizations across a multitude of industries throughout the U.S.

Along with scanning your documents, we can help you organize the files with proper indexing and securely store them online or in your local server, which will allow you to access and retrieve them as and when required. We can provide document scanning solutions either on-site or at our state-of-the art conversion facility.

Our comprehensive solutions include everything from paper scanning service to microfilm – microfiche scanning, large format scanning, book scanning, photo scanning, scanning of drawing including architectural, maps, newspapers, technical manuals and even paintings.

We scan and convert documents of any dimension, size and shape into the required electronic formats using advanced equipment and high-end software. We have extensive experience in converting files into different formats such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF, and more.

We provide companies with bulk document scanning services to enhance data accessibility, security, workflow and productivity.

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Advantages Of Document Scanning


Manage even millions of documents and retrieve the right one in seconds

Share documents, while protecting confidential information
Access documents from any location, even while traveling
Protect documents from natural disasters – fires and floods
Save costs on storing and managing paper documents
Stay environment-friendly by going paperless
Enables your staff to work more quickly and efficiently
Remove paper from your workflow and automate

Smoothen business processes

Our team works with you

Industries We Serve

We have extensive experiences in providing professional scanning services for diverse industries.










Our Document Scanning Services

Bulk Document Scanning
Medical Document Scanning
Document Indexing Service
Photo and Slide Scanning
Aperture Card Scanning
Historical Document Scanning
Backfile Scanning
Day Forward Scanning

Our Document Scanning Process

Document Scanning Process

Our experienced team can make your paper documents searchable with OCR. We can provide on-demand, back file and on-going (daily, weekly, monthly) scanning services based on your specific requirements. To handle work across the country we have locations Tucker, GA, Tampa, FL, Phoenix, AZ, Montebello, CA, Carlstadt, NJ, Houston, TX and Carol Stream, IL. Need onsite scanning? We can do that as well. Our experienced teams across the country handle any volume of files at your location.

Why Choose Us

The benefits of outsourcing document scanning to MOS are:

Low or no upfront expenses
Onsite and offsite services
Ability to interface with client systems
Faster turnaround time
Round-the-clock customer support
Strict data security measures
HIPAA and HITECH compliance
State-of-the-art technology
Real-time status reporting is also provided. Your tasks are performed domestically or internationally according to your requirements.


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With our affordable document scanning services, you can also enjoy cost savings of 30% to 40%!. Feel free to contact us for more details. For more information on our document scanning services prices, call 1-800-670-2809.

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