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Reduce errors, improve data quality, and free up your internal resources to focus on core business activities. Our expert data entry outsourcing services can save your business valuable time and resources, are available for industries such as healthcare, publishing, e-commerce, law, education, real estate, insurance, finance, and entertainment.

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Efficient Data Entry Services for Streamlined Operations

As an experienced data entry company, MOS has extensive experience in providing data entry operations for a wide range of industries, including banking, finance, education, media, health, marketing, legal, insurance, and transportation.

We focus on efficiency and accuracy. Our data entry services can be customized to fit your business needs.


We ensure accurate entry of customer information, leads, contacts, and other essential data into your CRM system.


With experience in handling diverse excel data entry projects, we can update and maintain even large MS Excel databases.


We provide data entry services for popular ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.


Handwritten documents such as applications, receipts, invoices or bills can be converted into the required digital format.


We perform a wide range of image data entry services such as – image capturing, sorting, indexing, editing, conversion and more.


We can enter and process insurance claims related to ADA, disability, Mortgage, Dismemberment and Hospitalization.


We provide customized legal data entry services including property-related documents data entry and legislation scans.


Our team ensures precise entry of critical logistics data, including inventory information, transportation records, and more.


Fuel your e-commerce success with our seamless Amazon data entry services and stay ahead in the competitive marketplace.


We can safely and efficiently handle all data related to medication records, instrumental records, medical diagnoses and charts.


We convert digital/numeric data files into electronic format for banks, insurance and entities in other business sectors.


Trust MOS to handle your questionnaire data entry needs and streamline your data collection process.


We handle various tasks such as entering property details, including addresses and images into designated systems.


We provide accurate documentation of different types of surveys and questionnaires – heritage research and site identification.

Benefits of Using Outsourced Data Entry Services

Outsourced data entry services can offer numerous advantages for businesses. Here are some key benefits:


Cost Savings

Scalability and Flexibility

Time Savings

Focus on Core Competencies
Data Security and Confidentiality

Faster Turnaround Times

Access to Skilled Professionals
Improved Data Accuracy and Quality

Increased Business Efficiency

Flexible Pricing Options

By offering flexible pricing options, MOS aims to provide cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the specific data entry needs of businesses.

Our outsourced data entry services are competitively priced and can save up to 30-40% on your operating costs.

Trust us with all your Data Entry Needs

Our data entry specialists have excellent typing skills and can deliver solutions with a fast turnaround time without any compromise to quality. We work with the latest technologies and can handle projects of any size and type. Quality solutions at affordable pricing and fast turnaround time are what distinguish MOS from its competitors.

Some of the Many Benefits of Working with Us

We can capture information from various sources such as soft copies, hard copies, web pages and provide the output in your desired format. We can scan and digitize hard copies.

We have enhanced data security measures in place and adhere to HIPAA and privacy policies to keep your documents safe. We use secure file transfer methods such as FTP and browser-based 256 AES encryption.
We have the latest equipment and technology including scanners, processors, OCR, and ICR technology to carry out online as well as offline data entry and processing.
We assign a dedicated QA/QC team of specialists for each project, thus providing stringent quality control to improve accuracy.

We have years of experience in handling highly challenging data entry projects. This expertise helps us to easily handle and streamline your task.

30 to 40%
Cost Savings

Regular Updates
And Reports

Round-the-Clock Support

Turnaround Time

Strict Data Security


Our Data Entry Process

Receiving and uploading the documents on to our secure FTP. You can also send scanned documents in any format – PDF/XML, XML, Word doc or hard copy documents in the form of DVD or mail or handwritten documents. Based on request, we can also access your files via a secure VPN.

Three level quality checks will be done to ensure accuracy above 99%. In the first stage, proofreading will be done by experts to identify errors and correct them. Then the file will be sent to the QA team, and a third level check will also be done for clarity and accuracy.
Your data entry project will be assigned to one of our Project Managers. Project details will be verified by this manager and then assigned to the team. Managers will supervise and guide the team. They monitor all the work from start to completion and ensure that all tasks are completed within the specific time.
Tasks will be completed within the required turnaround time and the final document will be delivered through secure resources such as FTP or browser-based 256 AES encryption.
Data Entry Process

Meet the Right Team for All Your Data Entry Goals

Outsource to MOS and save on your infrastructure and in-house data entry costs.

Data Entry FAQs

What security measures do you have in place to protect client data?
Data security is a top priority for us. Our security measures to protect client data include password-protected systems, encryption, and secure data storage facilities. Our employees also sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure that your data is completely safe with us.
How do you handle large volumes of data?

Our cutting-edge technology, specialized software and world class infrastructure allow us to handle bulk data entry projects quickly and efficiently.

What is the turnaround time for your data entry projects?
We complete data entry projects in short turnaround time, anywhere from 24 hours or less. You can rest assured that we will complete your project within the deadline without compromising on accuracy.
How long does it take for MOS to complete a project?
Volume of work, project complexity, and urgency are the key factors impacting project TAT. At MOS, we provide quality data conversion services in a short turnaround time (TAT). Our team completes projects within the specified turnaround time (anywhere from 24 hours or less).
Can I try your services before I sign up?
Yes, we offer free trial for all our data entry services. Our free trial allows you to evaluate our service quality and accuracy.
What are your rates?
We offer the most competitive prices offered in the market. You can choose from our customized data processing service packages. The service pricing depends on key factors such as – volume of the project, complexity of the work, turnaround time required and skill and expertise required.
Have any further questions about our data entry services? Contact us at 800-670-2809!

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