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Businesses that deal with a large amount of information need to extract data from multiple sources and categorize them based on certain criteria. Data extraction is vital to understand customer needs and demographics, and have a better idea of competitors. This is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. At Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS), we provide customized data extraction services for businesses of all kinds. The right data helps to make the right business decisions.

Whether your concern is to extract data from a website, or from customer databases to analyze customer behavior, or even to collect details from a directory, our team can do that for you with perfection.

Data Extraction

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Data Extraction From Any Source

Our data extraction services include:


Meta data Extraction from Directory/Websites/forums


Extracting data from databases by using database query


Legal contact details extraction


PDF data extraction


Business information and educational material search


Market data extraction regarding latest product/service launches and pricing information


Gathering and summarizing news from various online news and PR sources


Collecting online data and feeding it onto a spreadsheet


Compiling website lists, contact information and email lists

We carefully evaluate client requirements, and then extract relevant data from the necessary documents, format the data, and check data quality before sending files to clients. Our team determines the file formats applicable for your database.

Get in touch with us for a range of BPO services, including legal process outsourcing services.

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Stringent data security measures
30 to 40% cost savings

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