Major Data Entry Project Completed Flawlessly and Quickly

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We received a request from a UK printing/publishing company working in the education arena in early 2010. All of their projects have fund raising capabilities for schools. Their biggest project is Christmas Cards; which was their reason for contacting us. Over the last couple of years they had used two different outsourcing companies and had been disappointed with the percentage of accuracy. For example, in 2009 they had received only 60% of records correct.

The project was to have around 140,000 scanned order forms containing handwritten information and enter into an excel spreadsheet. They would be sending approximately 10,000 forms a day over a period of 2-3 weeks in October and would need a three day turnaround time for each set of 10,000 forms.

This was a large project to be taken up and completed in a matter of a few weeks but with the client contacting us nine months in advance, this gave us plenty of time hire and train the team to be ready for the volume and required turnaround time.

Excel Conversion Solution

When September hit we began ramping up staff and training so we were ready for the first batch of files to come in towards the end of September. We ended up receiving around 170,000 files and were able to provide the client with 99% accuracy.

We had one hiccup with the project which was regarding double blind entry. We were going through and checking, making corrections to the information but once we learned that the client would prefer double blind entry we made the adjustment with our production team and it was smooth sailing from there. Our production team kept daily communication with the client and our support staffs so if there were any questions, they were addressed right away so we didn’t lose anytime on production.


The client was very happy with MOS because we met the client’s expectations as far as quality of work, production and communication and we look forward to working with them next year as their preferred vendor.

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