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by | Published on Oct 22, 2020 | Case Studies


MOS, Managed Outsource Solutions, is an experienced provider of comprehensive data conversion services among many other back office solutions. We were approached by New York City-based venture capital firm Union Square Ventures (USV), a collegial partnership managing $1 billion spread across six funds. The companies in their portfolio create services that could transform many crucial markets. The client was formerly president of Del.icio.us through its purchase by Yahoo and an angel investor in Etsy and Tumblr before taking charge of USV. Several companies were co-founded by him, among which were an early hosted data analytics company and a management consulting firm.

The Challenge

The client needed our services for something very different – his PhD thesis and his undergraduate thesis needed to be converted to HTML from PDF so he could get them added to his personal website.

Document Conversion Solution

We had the manpower and technology to get the conversion done quickly. But while converting we did make sure that the coding, accuracy and validation were verified through validation tools. Before getting back to the client the content went through a stringent quality assurance check.

The Result

Though the client did not specify any TAT, we completed the project fast enough to satisfy the client. He was satisfied with our performance on his PhD thesis and so he handed us his undergraduate thesis as well. What impressed the client were our quality, the hard work that we put in to finish the work on time and our commitment to individuals too, rather than big companies alone. We expect to hear from him again.

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