Timely Data Entry and Conversion Streamlined Resource Management

by | Published on Oct 22, 2020 | Case Studies

Keeping track of information, resources and logistics is a challenge for most companies. Our client is a leading privately owned, independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company in the Appalachian Basin. In the beginning they limited their exploration efforts to shallow wells. Once those operations became more profitable, the company was able to embark on bolder exploration: deep-well drilling. The company relied upon new technology, seismic testing and experienced personnel to successfully locate rich natural gas and oil reserves, many in areas that had been previously and extensively explored. They wanted MOS to help with data entry, capture and conversion to streamline their internal operations.


The client came to us in September 2011. They wanted us to help them consolidate all the trucking manifests that they receive weekly from each of their trucking vendors. They needed to enter specific data from the truck manifests into a consolidated spreadsheet.

Data Entry Solution

MOS put together a team specifically for the client and assigned them a project manager.

  • We set up a quality assurance time and proceeded to start the project.
  • All data client collected was transferred to MOS through our secure web-based portal.
  • The information collected was allocated to individual team members for processing.
  • As specified by the client, a spreadsheet was generated with the productivity of each trucking vendor, location, goods collected, and other information.
  • Our quality control team meticulously checked the spreadsheet before it was sent back to the client.

By providing this data in a timely manner, MOS helped the client put together mandated reports in a prompt manner. This data helped the client determine the right locations for resources.


The client has been with us since September 2011. When we first discussed their project, they were hoping that we could provide the volume of up to 500 manifests entered into their spreadsheet with a one week turnaround time. Our team exceeded their expectations and has been able to obtain a 24-hour turnaround time with all work. This is an ongoing project.

They are very satisfied with the results. They came to us with a second project in November 2011. They are now looking to add a third project which is still under review.

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