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by | Published on Oct 22, 2020 | Case Studies

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) offers comprehensive data entry, medical billing and coding, medical and legal transcription, document conversion, and SEO services.

Our client is one of UK’s largest school Christmas card printing companies since its inception in 2006. It is an organization that does a lot of data entry, since they conduct fundraisers for schools for which they gather a significant amount of printed and handwritten data. Order forms from schools also need to be processed.


The client needed help in capturing data from scanned PDF forms converted to an Excel format for a project starting each year in September and ending in December of that year. It was a time sensitive project but they were also concerned about quality since their earlier outsourcing endeavors to India and the Philippines did not yield much satisfaction, with accuracy rates only around 60%. They now wanted to raise the accuracy level to nearly 100% through an outsourcing partner who could grow and expand with the organization.

Since the client is involved in the bulk printing of Christmas cards, individual cards, brochures, etc they had a lot of data entry to carry out. They needed to enter data involving handwritten and typed information from scanned order forms. It was a voluminous task and there was no way they could do it in-house without compromising on time and quality.

Data Entry Solution

At MOS, we could improve their data entry accuracy significantly which resulted in improved collections. The client initially approached us nine months before their project began. We were given samples of the work based on which we carried out some trial runs which satisfied the client. Though a significant number of people were required for the task – only for a short period of the year on account of the sheer volume of the work and the criticality of the timing, MOS could offer a competitive price that was agreeable for the client. After getting the agreements in place, MOS began the task of hiring and training staff and implementing the process, beginning with a small volume to ensure quality and then ramping up. Things were smoother than expected in the first year.


Since the inception of this ongoing project in 2010 MOS has been on target, with the productivity being ramped up each year for increased volume. MOS now delivers more than 10,000 forms each day including Saturday. Client satisfaction has been overachieved thanks to a 50% rise in collections within the first three months. After the completion of the initial project the client called up again to continue the project, and it is still going on. The quality percentage is now maintained at 99%. Following the initial two months, the rates became more economical for the client.

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