Quality Document Scanning and Extra Service Made Client Very Happy

by | Published on Oct 22, 2020 | Case Studies


Client had 290 boxes of paper that needed to be scanned. While working on this project, we suggested they allow us to add the pages to a database which they could use. The 290 boxes were labeled in specific ways and needed to stay in those labels. Most of the boxes were labeled by City and Year and then the files were alphabetized. The financial boxes are by fiscal year.

Document Scanning Solution

We created a database for them to easily track and find specific forms. The software we used allowed for full queries by indexing with a built in viewer. We charge them a monthly fee for database maintenance.


They are now more organized and save time in their day to day workload. They can find everything electronically now instead of sifting through boxes and can input new data as it becomes available to them. They are very happy with the results.

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