Paint ads – they had a case about lead paint. They needed someone to go through all of their previous print advertising related to paint and find out what towns they were advertised in (advertised by cities) and every ad and tell them what paint was advertised and whether or not it contained lead.

Why did they choose us?

They were using interns over the summer, but they went back to school and they had a deadline to meet.

Legal Coding Solution

The project consisted of coding approximately 10,000 historical advertisements for residential paints from California newspapers dated between 1900 and 1972. The ads were all imaged, bates stamped and are on a remotely accessible data base. Our in-house crew has been able to code at the rate of about 1000 ads per person per week full-time. The coding involves 6 simple fields: the date of the ad, the paint product, the name of the dealer, the address of the dealer, the city of the dealer, the bates number and the notes field. We will need about a 10 day turn around on the project.


We finished within the required timeframe and they were able to file their case by the deadline, even though they didn’t have in house staff to complete the project.

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