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Web Development and Web Design

The term web development involves the complete development of a website. It can include the following: Web content development Website designing Clientserver coding Web server configuration Electronic commerce SEO-Search Engine Optimization Web design is a part of web development and is about designing the web pages and websites and web applications. Web design is done … Continue reading Web Development and Web Design

Data Capture Outsourcing

Data Capture, as the name suggests involves capture of data. Data can be captured from different sources like paper and also from remote locations. Barcode technology is also used for data capturing. Faster data capture with high accuracy is possible with this method. Software like OCR (optical characters recognition) and ICR (intelligent Character) recognition are … Continue reading Data Capture Outsourcing

Components of Document Management System

Computer programs and systems that manage electronic documents or scanned paper documents are referred to as document management systems or DMS. These electronic documents can be stored, tracked, and retrieved as and when required. DMS started in the 1980s, and then offered only images of documents. Later it evolved to include electronic documents, tools, security … Continue reading Components of Document Management System