10 Types Of Data That Need Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing

All business decisions and activities are data-driven, and clean data is essential to make better organizational decisions. Today, there are reliable providers of data cleansing service that help to convert unstructured data into structured and accurate data. Data cleaning is the process of correcting inaccurate data and removing superfluous data from the database. It helps… Read More »

Data Accuracy

Data is an important aspect, particularly in a client-centric sector like the insurance industry. The amount of data consumed by the insurance sector in the United States alone is phenomenal. Reports show that about 5,965 separate insurance bodies are active countrywide and premiums totaled more than $1.3 trillion in 2019. Therefore, insurance data accuracy and… Read More »

Data Cleansing Tools

Hope you’ve read our blog on “Data Cleansing Tips for Educational Institutions”. As discussed, data quality is important for improved decision making and better workflow in any business – education, healthcare, law, finance or any other. Data cleansing or data scrubbing can clean up any data or company records and maintain them free from mistakes… Read More »


Businesses around the world are recognizing the significance of data analytics and the eLearning sector is no exception in this regard. Big Data has become a hot issue in today’s eLearning world. Over the past few years, there has been a massive increase in the amount of educational data collected and stored by e-learning platforms…. Read More »

Revenue Management

All businesses accumulate vast amounts of raw data and managing this information properly is essential to stay competitive. Data entry and document conversion services play a key role in converting paper documents into various digital format, which streamlines management and allows information to be shared and analyzed. By analyzing data, businesses can identify trends and… Read More »

Data-Entry Outsourcing Services

This an update to the blog, “Data Entry Outsourcing Market To Grow At +5% CAGR During 2019-25” Technology has dramatically transformed business and office environments. Converting documents from paper to electronic format involves some form of data entry, which is a time consuming task, which is why data entry outsourcing has grown in importance. Outsourcing… Read More »

Healthcare Data Protection

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on virtually all businesses, the severe impact it had on the healthcare industry is the most significant. The digital transformation that the pandemic has steered in is simply unprecedented. In fact, the accelerated pace of this transformation has pushed healthcare businesses to find new ways of working… Read More »

Duplicate Medical Records

Efficient medical data entry is considered a vital asset for healthcare providers. Information or patient data should be properly managed so that the best treatment and care can be ensured. Hospitals and healthcare units deal with a huge amount of data, and even minor errors could harm the patient, cause financial loss, and also damage… Read More »

PDFelement 6

Businesses deal with a number of invoices for accounting and to keep track of their payments and amounts owned. Businesses often keep these invoices in paper format itself that can get lost or even damage with time. The best way to keep these invoices safe is by converting them to digital format into excel spreadsheet… Read More »

Student Data

Accuracy of database is critical when it comes to succeeding in any industry and the educational sector is no exception in this regard. Educators and their administrative teams handle a huge amount of data on a day-to-day basis. Clear and concise data is important for improved decision making. Any inconsistencies related to student data can… Read More »

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