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Data Entry Services


Today different types of data entry services are available. Outsourcing of data entry has created a specialized data entry industry with professional data entry personnel now concentrating on specific types of data entry jobs. Business houses, institutions and corporates in the western countries like the USA, Canada and the UK, find outsourcing of their data entry projects to offshore professionals very convenient and highly cost effective option.

Besides getting an accurate data entry service at a lower cost, clients now do not have to worry about the hassles of maintaining data entry personnel and motivating them to do the often boring or monotonous data entry work. Some of the different types of common data entry services include the following services.

  • Processing address changes
  • Duplicate removal from database
  • Forms processing
  • Online data entry
  • Mail Data management
  • Image entry
  • Remote survey
  • Numerical data entry
  • Web research data entry
  • Double data entry
  • Key data entry

Double key data entry process is done when highly accurate data entry (more than 99%) services are demanded. In this process the data is entered simultaneously by two different a data entry operators. The work done by both the operators is compared to remove any mistake in entry. Quality control personnel compare and integrate the files electronically to get a almost 100% accurate final output.

Managed Outsource Solutions is a US based BPO company that offers specialized online and offline data entry services including, data processing, data conversion, data cleansing and data mining services for clients globally.

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Rajeev R

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