Outsourced Solutions

Businesses of any type may have to provide support and assistance to customers. Poor help desk service can spoil the relationship between the business and its customers and technical teams as well. When it comes to the IT sector, failing to quickly resolve technical issues can create costly business disruptions. Helpdesk outsourcing refers to the… Read More »

Outsourcing Trends

With rising competitiveness in the business world, it is important for businesses to stand out among the competitors. As a business grows, its daily operations keep on increasing. So, to manage these business activities efficiently, some of them can be outsourced to reliable BPO services. This enables businesses to hire skilled and experienced workers who… Read More »


Most organizations now benefit from outsourcing some of their business functions such as IT outsourcing, development, legal process outsourcing (LPO) and more. By outsourcing back office tasks, companies can focus on their core business. Instead of training new in-house employees and investing in their salaries and infrastructure, it is better to outsource the task to… Read More »

Data Hygiene

So, let us begin with what is data hygiene? Just as you scrub off those blackheads from your nose and make your face pretty, data hygiene is removing dirty data from your working environment, let that be digital data or hard copies. Data hygiene involves ensuring data cleanliness in a database by checking records for… Read More »

Top 10 Most Engaging Blog Posts

In the year 2020, our bloggers were able to come up with highly informative content related to business process outsourcing, data entry, document conversion and scanning, virtual staffing and more. The information we provided are of support for businesses from diverse industries – transportation, IT, education, law, healthcare and more. Here’s a look back at… Read More »

Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is glad to announce that its article titled “How Cloud Computing Is Connecting People Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic” is featured in the July-August Issue of the prestigious online publication BC Advantage Magazine. The article discusses the role of cloud computing in helping organizations stay up and running even as the world… Read More »

What was initially brushed off as a normal flu has now soared into a global pandemic that has affected almost every corner of the world. COVID-19 has exposed the global infrastructure, strategies of our policymakers and also how challenging it is to fight a new virus without a suitable preventive vaccine or medicine. As the… Read More »

Technology is growing at an unprecedented pace than ever before and all businesses are looking for smart and innovative ways to handle and analyze data quickly and efficiently. Using data processing services to handle challenging data entry and analytics needs has become a common practice followed by most businesses. Automation and robotics is the current… Read More »

With the efficient support of data conversion services, enterprises are becoming digital savvy and embracing digital transformation. Due to digitization, e-commerce and online distribution are growing fast. The world has shifted dramatically in the present digital age. We now live in a world where you have always-on consumers who operate in an on-demand mode always…. Read More »

Data comprises facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis, for reasoning or decision making. Data entry is unavoidable for almost all businesses. Many industries use data entry service to ensure accuracy and quality of the data. It ensures that the data is fed into the databases in a timely and efficient manner. Almost… Read More »

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