q Happy Earth Day - A Reminder to Go Paperless at Work

Happy Earth Day – A Reminder to Go Paperless at Work

by | Published on Apr 22, 2014 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Earth DayEarth Day, an annual event celebrated every year on April 22 aims to stir awareness of conserving the earth’s environment. Paper waste is a major environmental hazard that needs to be avoided at all costs. Though the image of a corporate office desk cluttered with stacks of paper is now slowly becoming a thing of the past, organizations need to speed up the transition to electronic document management systems. With technology taking an increasingly important role in the workplace, the transition to digital documentation has never been more compelling or achievable. The paperless office helps reduce paper consumption and the other key motivations to go digital include increased productivity, safe storage, cost savings, space saving, accessibility and easy sharing of documentation.

Last year’s Infiniti Annual Survey revealed that just 14 per cent of organizations are paperless, while a further 26 per cent are transitioning to a paperless office and 60 per cent of organizations surveyed are not seeking to reduce the number of hard copy documents produced.

Document management systems facilitate the conversion of paper documents into electronic versions that can easily be sorted through, edited and distributed to others.

  • Cloud storage service: Cloud computing eliminates the need to install software for each computer in the organization and allows you to work through one application. The application allows employees to log into a web-based platform, which hosts all of the programs needed to complete day-to-day tasks. Through cloud storage, employees can share files, collaborate on projects and maintain close contact.
  • Electronic signatures: An electronic signature, or eSignature, is an electronic indication of intent to agree to or approve the contents of a document. Instead of waiting days for physical documents to ship, documents can be signed online and returned immediately which saves your valuable time and reduces mailing / shipping costs.
  • Document scanning: Remove paper clutter by using a scanner to digitally capture important documents, paper forms, receipts, etc. Through document scanning, you can convert paper documents into digital format and maintain backups of your important files so they will not become lost or corrupted due to faulty computers or any other unexpected event.

As important as the benefits discussed, paperless offices help contribute to an eco-friendly environment.

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