Designs created using 2D drawings offer projected views of CAD models, and include top, front, side and isometric views. They provide information on cross-sections, dimensions and so on, and are useful in the manufacture of a part of the product. However, as 3D CAD allows all the individual parts to be assembled together, it provides… Read More »

Conversion of documents to digital format is making waves for its many advantages. America just got a new digital library which has brought millions of documents online. Rather than use Google, you can now browse this digital public library for cultural information including photos, books, manuscripts and other items from institutions across the country. Items… Read More »

Software and technology are evolving every day. Most modern businesses prefer to buy new software instead of upgrading their older versions. However, this would pose a big problem when it comes to sharing important files if their associate companies use old software as they cannot access the files created on the latest software versions. You… Read More »

Going Paperless

The concept of paperless office originated in 1960s and slowly became a possibility with the advents of personal computers in the offices in 1980s. Though the idea sounds great, in reality, achieving a paperless office can be quite challenging. A Finnish paper company predicted that paper consumption would be as high as 400 million tons… Read More »

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