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XML or (Extensive Markup Language), a widely recognized cross-platform web-publishing file format uses tags to describe parts of a file. These tags are employed to mark and identify specific data within the document. Converting documents into XML format is the best way to ensure structured and standardized data representation, enabling seamless integration across different systems and platforms.

A leading document conversion company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) provides reliable XML conversion services for a wide variety of applications including magazines, newspapers, digital content, journals and manuscripts.

By standardizing information in a structured, universally compatible format, XML conversion is enables seamless data integration and communication. A unified and organized format fosters better decision-making, enhances collaboration, and ensures optimal utilization of valuable information resources.

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Benefits of XML Conversion

Structured data


Easy integration

Data standardization


Enhanced search
and retrieval

Adaptability to
changing needs

Improved data

Competitive Pricing

We take pride in offering competitive pricing that underscores our commitment to providing exceptional value to our clients. Our pricing structure is designed to accommodate organizations of varying sizes, ensuring that the transformative benefits of our XML conversion services are accessible to all. Our competitive rates, without any hidden fees empower businesses to seamlessly integrate our expertise into their operations without concerns about unexpected costs.

Tailored XML Conversion Solutions

Paper to XML

We can transform physical documents into structured XML format, unlocking the full potential of your information resources. We use advanced scanning technologies and OCR to accurately convert paper-based documents into machine-readable XML, ensuring data integrity and precision.

Word to XML

Whether you need to transition from the familiar environment of Microsoft Word documents to the versatile XML format or vice versa, our team can ensure accurate conversion. We preserve the structural integrity of the documents and enhance their adaptability for various applications.


We can handle various XML structures, ensuring that your data is presented in a clear and organized manner in the resulting PDF documents. Convert XML to PDF effortlessly, unlocking the potential for enhanced document distribution, collaboration, and presentation.


We ensure a meticulous mapping of HTML elements to XML format, preserving the inherent hierarchy and integrity of your data. The conversion process typically includes mapping HTML elements to corresponding XML elements and attributes, preserving the hierarchical structure of the content.


Convert your RTF files to XML for enhanced compatibility, flexibility, and future-proof data management Our RTF to XML conversion services seamlessly navigate the complexities of text formatting, style attributes, and document structure. Benefit from swift and reliable transformation.


Converting CSV (Comma-Separated Values) to XML involves transforming tabular data, typically stored in a CSV file, into the structured, hierarchical XML format. We map the CSV data to machine-readable XML elements, ensuring the preservation of data integrity, interoperability and structure.

Why Choose Managed Outsource Solutions?

Faster turnaround

Tailored and innovative

Access to a skilled

99% accuracy

Secure file

Three-level quality
Cost savings of
30 to 40%
Robust data security

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XML Conversion Process

The XML conversion process involves transforming data from one format, such as CSV, HTML, RTF, etc., into the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format. By ensuring comprehensive data extraction, transformation, and validation, we ensure the accurate and seamless conversion of diverse data formats into the standardized and structured XML format.

XML Conversion Process


Which data formats can you convert to XML?
We can convert various data formats such as HTML, CSV, RTF, PDF and more into the versatile and machine-readable XML format.
How do you handle sensitive data?
We prioritize data security and confidentiality using various measures such as encryption, access controls to ensure the protection of sensitive information. You information stays safe throughout the XML conversion process.
Can you handle large-scale conversion projects?
Absolutely! Our document conversion services are designed to handle projects of all sizes, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and timely delivery even for extensive data sets.
Which industries can leverage your services?
We provide XML conversion for diverse industries, including healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and more, offering tailored solutions to meet specific data management needs.
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