Comprehensive Word Conversion Services That Cater to all Your Needs

MOS, a leading document conversion company based in the U.S., specializes in providing comprehensive Word conversion services. Regardless of the source file format, we can ensure efficient and fast conversion to high-quality text files that can be archived, easily accessed, enhanced, and restored to the original format if needed.

Catering to a diverse global clientele spanning healthcare, legal, media, education, insurance, publishing, and corporate sectors, our services ensure precision and reliability.

Do you need bulk conversion of your documents into Word format? Then, take advantage of our volume pricing.

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Need Help Converting Word to HTML? We’ve Got You Covered!

Our professional Word to HTML conversion services at MOS are designed to simplify the process and ensure your content shines online. We seamlessly handle multimedia elements, optimize for responsive design, and adhere to industry standards for accessibility and SEO.

Explore Our Comprehensive Word Conversion Services

Our comprehensive services cater to a variety of file formats, seamlessly transforming them into Microsoft Word documents and vice versa. Whether to convert PDF to word or word to PDF, or to convert any other file format to Word, we’ve got you covered.
Here’s a glimpse of the formats we work with:

XML to Word

Experience enhanced data interchange as we also offer Word to XML services, ensuring smooth integration and compatibility for your document needs. Trust us to bridge the gap between these formats, facilitating efficient data management and content creation.

JPEG to Word

Effortlessly convert JPEG images into editable Word documents and vice versa with our versatile document conversion services. Our professional services ensure a smooth transition between image and Word formats, catering to your document requirements with ease.

PDF to Word

Our team can easily convert between PDF and Word formats with our comprehensive conversion services. With us, you can experience the convenience of bidirectional conversion. Our services allow you to adapt your documents to different formats effortlessly.

HTML to Word

Our services allow effective transition between web content and editable documents, maintaining formatting and structure. Experience the flexibility to adapt between HTML and Word formats, with document editing capabilities.

Excel to Word

Effortlessly convert Excel spreadsheets to Word or transform Word files into Excel, ensuring formatting integrity. Our services provide a convenient solution for adapting between these two widely used document formats.

Text to Word

This service preserves the content and ensures that the document retains its original structure. Our services can enhance the presentation of your textual content, enable easy editing, or simply transition between different formats.

PPT to Word

Maintain document consistency and streamline your workflow by harnessing the power of our PPT to Word services, providing you with the flexibility to adapt your presentation materials into professional, editable documents.

Handwritten Notes to Word

Transform handwritten notes into editable and organized Word documents with our specialized conversion services. Our skilled team ensures accurate transcription of handwritten content, preserving the original context and style.

E-book to Word

Transform your E-books into editable Word documents effortlessly with our specialized services. Trust our conversion services for efficient content handling and customization, providing flexibility for diverse document needs.

Unlock streamlined document transformation with our XML to Word services, seamlessly converting structured data into editable documents.
Moreover, we specialize in bidirectional conversions, transforming Word documents into various formats like HTML, PDF, plain text, RTF, EPUB, XML, and more. This flexibility allows adaptation to different platforms, applications, and presentation styles.

Key Advantages of Our Word Conversion Services


Preserving document structure, formatting, and links during conversion


Creating HTML files optimized for web display


Compatibility with various browsers


Ensuring responsiveness and mobile-friendliness


Efficient handling of large volumes

Affordable and Competitive Pricing

Recognizing the significance of document conversion in today’s business landscape, our competitive pricing makes our Word conversion services accessible to organizations of all sizes. Choose us as your partner for dependable, top-notch services that seamlessly align with your budgetary considerations.

Industries Served



Publishing houses

Technology firms

Companies/Corporate houses


Health related companies

Online repositories

Law firms


Our team utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for accurate text extraction from PDFs, scanned documents, photographs, and digital images. With OCR, there’s no need for manual retyping in a new Word document.

Benefit from:

  • Advanced software with error detection capabilities
  • Editable Word files
  • File size reduction with optional image removal
  • Time-saving batch conversion
  • Support for multipage files



  • Retention of original formatting
  • Correction of distorted images
  • Character reconstruction and orientation correction
  • Text reusability for Excel worksheets and PowerPoint presentations
  • Multilingual support

Word Conversion – What the Process Involves

The process is designed to maintain the integrity of the document’s content, structure, formatting, and links while adapting it for specific purposes or platforms.

Word Conversion Process

Experience the MOS Advantage

We handle projects of any size with a commitment to quality.


30-40% savings on your operational costs


Expert team


Latest technology


Data security with FTP server, 256 bit AES encryption for file transfer, password protection, firewalls, and other measures


Fast turnaround time


Stringent quality assurance


24/7 customer support


Customized solutions

Contact us at 1-800-670-2809 to learn more about our comprehensive document conversion services and discuss your specific requirements.

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What types of documents can be converted?

We provide comprehensive conversion services for a wide range of documents, including but not limited to Word documents, PDFs, and other text-based formats.

How does MOS ensure the preservation of document structure and formatting during conversion?

Our expert team employs advanced technologies and methodologies to ensure the meticulous preservation of document structure, formatting, and links throughout the conversion process. This helps maintain the original look and feel of your documents.

Can MOS handle large volumes of documents efficiently?

Absolutely. Our systems and workflows are designed to efficiently handle large volumes of documents without compromising on quality or turnaround time. We can scale our services to meet the needs of projects of any size.

What is the typical turnaround time?

Turnaround times can vary based on the complexity and volume of the project. However, we are committed to delivering prompt and efficient services. Contact our team for a customized timeline based on your specific requirements.

Have any further questions about our services? Contact us at 800-670-2809!

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