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Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is a one-stop shop for all your document conversion requirements. We provide efficient and affordable PDF conversion services to a vast global clientele, including educational institutions, publishing houses, libraries, real estate companies, historical societies, and legal firms. If you are looking to convert your documents into professional, searchable PDF files, we have you covered.

Our document conversion company can assist you in managing your document intensive business processes, collaboration needs, archiving, and regulatory compliance requirements. We utilize cutting-edge techniques to guarantee seamless file conversions.

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Benefits of PDF Conversion

Universal accessibility
Preservation of formatting
Allows hyperlink integration
Cross-platform compatibility
Security features for sensitive data

Ensures record longevity
and integrity

Facilitates easy sharing
and storage

Enables text search functionality

Cost-effective Solutions

Recognizing the key role of PDF conversion in contemporary business processes, we offer cost-effective pricing, making our services accessible to organizations of every scale. Our commitment to transparent pricing means no concealed charges. By prioritizing transparency in our pricing structure, we aim to build trust and provide organizations with a clear understanding of the value they receive, fostering long-term partnerships based on reliability and affordability.

Comprehensive Suite of PDF Conversion Services

We specialize in transforming tabular information from PDF to Excel spreadsheets, ensuring precision and accuracy in the extraction process. Our advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology enables the conversion of even scanned or image-based PDFs into editable Excel formats.
Our team can convert static PDF documents into dynamic, responsive HTML code, ensuring optimal display across various devices and browsers. We focus on clean, semantic PDF to HTML coding, and employ advanced conversion techniques like precise formatting, to maintain the integrity of your content.
Whether you need to edit, update, or repurpose content, our Word conversion services empower you to effortlessly manipulate text, images, and tables in a familiar Word environment. We use advanced technology that ensures the retention of original formatting, layout, and content of PDFs.
We can convert Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents into high-quality, visually appealing PDF files. Our advanced XML to PDF conversion process ensures the accurate preservation of data and document structure, guaranteeing that the resulting PDF mirrors the integrity of the source XML.
We can embed clickable links within PDFs, transforming static documents into dynamic and navigable resources. Whether you want to link to external websites, internal pages, or references within the document itself, our professionals ensure precision and reliability in every hyperlink.
We are experienced in proficiently transforming PDF files into a variety of image formats, such as JPEG, PNG, or TIFF, ensuring seamless integration into various visual platforms. Our reliable services can preserve the layout, clarity, and quality of the original document during the conversion process.

Why Choose MOS?


30-40% savings in overhead costs


Data security and confidentiality


Premium quality output


Faster turnaround time

Full backup, recovery and archiving of data

No risks of data loss or damage


Multi-tier quality checks


Customized solutions

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Our PDF Conversion Process


What document types can be converted to PDF?
We cater to diverse conversion needs. Our document conversion services are available for a wide range of file types, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, images, and more.
How do you maintain document formatting?
We leverage advanced technology that preserves the original formatting, layout, and styling of documents. Whether it’s fonts, images, or tables, we prioritize accuracy to deliver PDFs that mirror the source content.
Is there a limit to the file size?
No. We can handle documents of various sizes. While there might be practical constraints for extremely large files, we strive to accommodate diverse needs. Feel free to reach out to us if you have inquiries regarding file size and conversion.
Do you offer batch or bulk PDF conversion services?
Yes, we can convert multiple documents simultaneously. Our batch PDF conversion services streamline the process for clients with large volumes of documents.
How secure is the conversion process, especially for sensitive documents?
The confidentiality of your documents is paramount. We employ encryption options and password protection to safeguard sensitive information during the conversion process.
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