Digital Transformation

Many global industries are embracing digitization in areas ranging from business process to customer relationship management. Digital transformation is becoming a smart business objective beyond just improving the core of the business. The evolving regulatory environment, changing customer needs, increased competition, and dynamic cost equations have been the catalysts for digital transformation. The chemical industry… Read More »

Medical AI

The evolution of healthcare is one of the greatest success stories of modern times. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, rising threat of antibiotic-resistant drugs and increased healthcare costs have made significant improvements in the medical field. The concept of digital transformation has a fundamental impact across industries all over the world and the healthcare sector is… Read More »

Data Analytics

Ecommerce has been on the rise for some time now and saw impressive growth since last year. With people locked down at home when the pandemic broke, ecommerce companies came to the rescue. Thanks to online businesses, consumers could shop for everything from groceries and medications to lifestyle products and fashion accessories from the comfort… Read More »

Data Migration

Data migration is an essential element of data management. It involves the transfer of data among different platforms and applications, such as moving data from an organization’s infrastructure and applications to cloud-based storage and applications. Data storage migration can also mean moving from paper to digital documents – a process handled efficiently by data conversion… Read More »

Key Tools to Convert PDF Invoice to Excel

PDF is a popular digital file format, accessible on any device. The adaptability and flexibility of PDF have made it an official file format for document sharing and collaboration. It is an ideal format for diverse business records including invoices, purchase orders as well as financial statements. However, to edit any documents in this format… Read More »

Big on Data for the post-COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic not only shut down various markets, scuppering demand for various products, but also hampered the ability of businesses to work as they did before. That’s why they needed outsourced solutions by data conversion companies more than ever before. Organizations reinvented the wheel to develop remote working protocols heavily influenced by technology and… Read More »


The invention of faster internet connectivity and powerful online tools has accelerated the growth of the Ecommerce sector. Ecommerce is the best available option for business aspirants to build a business world and enjoy success relatively faster than with traditional business models. With every passing year, ecommerce is getting more and more attention from entrepreneurs… Read More »

Robotic Automation Process

Businesses in all industry sectors deal with large-volume data every day and this data comes in different formats such as surveys, PDFs, invoices, forms, images, and other paper-based documents. Information contained in these are used to derive insights and make informed business decisions. But according to Forrester’s research, businesses have about 60 to 73 percent… Read More »

Document Conversion

Genealogy is not just about tracing your family tree. It’s also about knowing your heritage and creating a story about your family. It begins with your family members who are alive and then moves backwards through time. There may be old documents, photographs, artifacts and so on that belong to your family which reveals various… Read More »

Digital Transformation

In this competitive world, large businesses take the lead by digitizing documents to enhance productivity, improve response times, monitor process status, and optimize workflows whereas some small businesses continue to stack files and sort paper which could hamper productivity in the long run. Digitization provides great opportunity for businesses to grow and stand out among… Read More »

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