Legal Process Outsourcing

Due to the rising regulations and litigations and its associated costs in corporate legal service, companies are looking for various methods to minimize legal spending and operate more effectively and efficiently. One of the most effective methods in this regard is legal process outsourcing. It refers to getting legal support service from an outsider law… Read More »

Document Management

With the effects of globalization and the introduction of several technological innovations, the legal industry is witnessing several changes in the overall working approach. The prime focus is of course on enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Law firms deal with a huge amount of paperwork and many of these firms have filing cabinets filled with… Read More »


An increasing number of businesses and law firms are considering outsourced solutions to get their legal tasks done by experienced hands at affordable prices. These legal process outsourcing services help corporate legal firms and law firms to reduce their operational costs, get high-quality services and focus more on their core business. According to the report… Read More »


Legal document review is one of the important services provided by legal process outsourcing companies. Sorting through and analyzing the documents and data pertaining to a case to get key information and determining which elements are sensitive, relevant and privileged is complex, tedious, and time consuming. However, this critical process is essential to determine what… Read More »

Virtual Legal Assistants

Amidst the rising competition in the legal field, it is important for law firms to remain efficient and productive. Emerging as an important sub-segment of business process outsourcing (BPO), many corporate legal departments and firms in the United States are increasingly adopting or experimenting with legal process outsourcing to reduce costs, and increase efficiency while… Read More »

Legal Documentation

Starting a new business can and should be as exciting as it is challenging. Entrepreneurs, while operating a new business, tend to start everything from scratch and plan critical accounts for the future of the business. They are likely to spend countless hours developing and fine-tuning the business idea, preparing to bring potentially rewarding concepts… Read More »

Legal Documents

An update to the blog, “Key Legal Documents That a Startup Business Cannot Avoid” Whether you run a startup, an established company or you’re planning to start a business, managing legal documents such as non-disclosure agreements (NDA), employee agreements, LLC agreements and so on can be challenging. Digitizing and storing these important legal documents is… Read More »

Law Office

With nearly all industries adopting several innovative digital technologies, the legal industry is no exception in the current scenario. Law firms being service oriented, revenue earned in this profession is still based on hours billed for work on behalf of their clients. Non-billable hours are a practicality for any law firm and can take up… Read More »

E- Discovery

Legal firms are highly paper-intensive as they have to deal with multiple documents on a regular basis. They are always in the process of creating new records for new clients or taking up new cases. Typically, there is a never-ending array of forms that need to be completed. Document management in any legal firm can… Read More »

Legal Process Outsourcing Market to Reach US$ 24100 Million by 2024

The legal process outsourcing (LPO) industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, enabling law firms and corporate legal departments to benefit from reduced costs and increased flexibility while also expanding their in-house capabilities. Also referred to as legal outsourcing, LPO refers to the practice of a law firm or corporation obtaining legal support services… Read More »

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