Back Office Outsourcing

With the ever-rising demand for economic growth, the logistics sector – which is very volatile, uncertain, unorganized and competitive than ever before – is now in the process of digital transformation. Though the services in this sector are very essential, managing the entire set of logistics operations on your own can prove to be too… Read More »

Electronic Records Management

The way organizations manage their records and information is crucial to their workflow, efficiency and productivity. With paper-based processes proving inefficient, time-consuming, and expensive, many organizations have accelerated the digitization of their records with the support of document conversion companies. As more and more documents are created electronically, digital solutions are needed to manage them…. Read More »

Paperless Revolution

2020, the year of the pandemic, could also be remembered as the year that heralded the paperless revolution. That’s why you have experienced back office outsourcing companies providing you with various digitization services, helping organizations go paperless. With remote working and virtual communication being the norm as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns and the fear… Read More »

The growth in digitization and internet connectivity form the backbone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Today, digitization is happening all around the world and data conversion services have an important role to play in this digital transformation. New technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning etc have also taken over almost all the industries. It provides… Read More »

With emerging digital technologies, changing government policies and increasing customer expectations, the banking industry is witnessing constant changes. The competition is fierce due to the new technology-aided processes and customer expectations are higher than ever. Transformation initiatives within the banking industry are shifting their focus – right from products and processes to customers and their… Read More »

This is a continuation of the blog “Why and How to Move Your Business to the Cloud?” Cloud computing is not something new now. Cloud migration involves moving an organization’s data, infrastructure, applications and resources from the on-premises computing system into cloud systems. Based on a survey by Cisco, it is expected that 94% businesses… Read More »

Cloud computing is now a necessity. Its cost savings, data security benefits, disaster recovery and service availability are the major factors that persuade organizations worldwide to adopt this technology. While back office outsourcing still has its role to play, businesses that migrate their IT applications and programs to the cloud experience increased productivity, decreased overhead,… Read More »

Digital technology has changed how businesses operate and new advancements like big data, cloud storage system, and the Internet of Things (IoT) etc allow businesses to grow faster, improve productivity, and ensure quality customer services. These have also brought remarkable changes in back office outsourcing strategies. Customer demands and purchase decisions are dynamic and this… Read More »

Unorganized business processes can lead to confusion and thus loss of revenue. While back office outsourcing and other services are of great support for organizations, business process management (BPM) software is playing a key role now. Mobile, cloud as well as intelligent business management solutions are now available to support diverse organizations in managing their… Read More »

This is an update to the blog, “Importance of Back Office Outsourcing in the Financial Sector and Its Phenomenal Market Growth by 2020”. While the front office in banks and other financial institutions handle client-facing roles such as sales and trading, investment banking, wealth management, and private equity, back-office functions in this sector include settlements,… Read More »

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