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Data Mining Service

Data mining service is one of the many services that Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) is specialized in. Data mining service at our data entry company involves the extraction of large amounts of databases, sorting out, identifying and picking only the relevant information as required by the client. MOS has vast experience in analyzing data from different data sets and summarizing it into useful information. Data mining enables companies to collect useful information of their customers, which in turn helps them to maintain a good customer relationship.

We provide data mining services of any texts, factors or numbers that can be processed by a computer. We are also capable of gathering vast amounts of data in different formats and databases from web sites which is used to make important business decisions.

Our clients benefit from the accuracy and speed of our data mining works. We take an active interest in incorporating the most modern software and security features available to enhance our data mining services. Our advanced facilities make it easy to analyze data, find correlations, categorize them and summarize the relationships identified. After analyzing the data, we use various software techniques to find patterns and regularities in the databases. The final information sorted out is then run through strict quality control check by our quality assurance team.

We offer data mining services to the following categories:

  • Operational or transactional data like sales, cost, payroll, inventory, accounting and so on.
  • Non-operational data like data of forecast, industry sales, and economic data.
  • Meta data like data dictionary definitions, logical database design and more.

By using several data mining tools and techniques, MOS not only helps you to exploit the vast databases of your client, but also allows you to generate close interactions with them.

We offer our data mining and data entry services to various private and public organizations like healthcare centers, universities, quality improvement organizations and more. Other clients who benefit from us are:

  • Manufacturers
  • E-marketing firms
  • Travel agencies
  • Trade fair organizers
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Web hosting and design companies

We offer both online and offline data mining, KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) services. Our customer care center is available 24 hours a day on all 7 days of the week to serve you. If you are one looking to accomplish your needs in data mining, then contact us immediately by phone or just mail us.