In the year 2020, our bloggers were able to come up with highly informative content related to business process outsourcing, data entry, document conversion and scanning, virtual staffing and more. The information we provided are of support for businesses from diverse industries – transportation, IT, education, law, healthcare and more.

Here’s a look back at the top 10 most popular posts of the year 2020.

  1. Top Business Process Outsourcing Trends to Dominate In 2020For businesses of any size – let that be – large enterprises or medium-sized enterprises, BPO services provide diverse benefits. This post discussed the key, emerging business process outsourcing trends such as the adoption of cloud computing and AI technology that are expected to dominate the industry in 2020.
  2. How the New Trend of Hyper Automation Helps in Business GrowthAutomation plays a key role in digital transformation, enabling organizations to optimize business processes and enhance operational efficiency. Hyper-automation refers to the mixture of automation technologies that exist to augment and expand human capabilities.
  3. Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends to Watch for in 2020As artificial Intelligence (AI) is the trending technology that is becoming widely used to understand and improve business experiences, we discussed some of the top AI trends that may continue to dominate in 2020.
  4. Digital Publishing Industry Predictions for 2021 And BeyondUnlike traditional printing, digital publications provide diverse benefits such as lower production costs, lower inventory costs, and ability to build a stronger global customer base. This post is about the top 5 digital publishing trends predicted for 2021.
  5. Get to Know These 5 Best PDF to EPUB ConvertersThis is an update to the blog “Convert PDF to EPUB with These Online Tools”. EPub is considered as the standard format for digital publication. This post discusses some of the best PDF to EPUB converter tools.
  6. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Continues to Be Significant In 2020Optical Character Recognition or OCR is now a widely used technology that can extract all the text from the images, PDF documents or scanned files. In this post, we highlight how important OCR technology would be in 2020.
  7. COVID-19: Crisis Management Tips for Small BusinessesAs the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the nation, many small and large businesses were forced to temporarily shut down. For such businesses, this post offers certain tips and resources that will help stay afloat amid the pandemic.
  8. Converting Google Sheets Files into Excel and Vice VersaMost businesses use Google Sheets and Excel. This podcast by Julie Clements, one of our Chief Solutions Managers, discusses how to convert Google Sheets files into Excel and vice versa.
  9. How to Build an Effective API Strategy in 2020 – TipsApplication programming interface (API) allows businesses to monetize data, develop new revenue streams, streamline market strategy, and deliver better experiences to customers. This post discusses why businesses should consider launching APIs and provides key tips to build an effective API strategy.
  10. Digitization of Education Becomes Useful Amid COVID -19 PandemicEven amid COVID-19 pandemic, digitization offers options for schools and universities to provide a new phase of learning. This post discusses how useful digitization of education is during an emergency. It helps improve the quality of education.

These blogs provide insights on the key benefits of digitization, advanced technologies like AI and document conversion services.