Converting Google Sheets Files into Excel and Vice Versa

| May 25, 2020 by Julie Clements

A reliable  business process outsourcing company, Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) have extensive experience in providing data entry services, document conversion services, intelligent imaging, indexing, storing, conversion and so on for a wide range of industries.

In today’s podcast, Julie Clements, one of the Chief Solutions Managers at MOS discusses how to convert Google Sheets Files into Excel and Vice Versa

In This Episode

0:10 Why businesses Use Spreadsheets And What Type Of It Are Mainly Used?

Businesses use spreadsheets mainly to organize and categorize data into a logical format. Most organizations use spreadsheets such as Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel for performing complex calculations, for storing, analyzing and filtering structured data, generating keywords, or for creating any standard operating procedures.

00:54 Step by Step Instructions to Convert Google Sheet into Excel

For those who started working on a spreadsheet with Google Sheets, but later want to use Excel, it is easy to convert these documents in just a few steps.

02:08 Step by Step Instructions to Convert Excel into Google Sheets

To switch back from Excel to Google Sheets, follow some steps.

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