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Let us help you get started on outsourcing of your data entry requirements.

Managed Outsource Solutions a leader in business process outsourcing services provides data entry services to large and small businesses in US across all industries. Managing an in-house team for data entry could be quite expensive.Our services helps you in maintaining up-to-date records from contracts to invoices through reliable data entry services. We remain affordable, work as an extension to your business and maintain 99% accuracy.

Let us help you get started on outsourcing of your data entry requirements.

As an experienced data entry company, Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) has been providing services in USA, UK, and Canada since along with our well-trained and experienced team can handle even the most challenging data entry tasks.

All our project undergoes extensive audits, multi-level QA to ensure accuracy and meet the highest standards.

When outsourcing your data entry requirements to MOS we will help you maintain quality, save time and money, reduce administrative burdens, and help you focus on your core business.

Data Entry Service
Our services can extend from scanning of hard copy to digitizing and data entry of the required information. We make use of the latest data entry tools and technologies to deliver our services for business entities in all sectors – banking, telecom companies, insurance, hospitality, healthcare, transport and education.

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Our customized online data entry services have been saving clients up to 30-40% on their operational costs.

Data Entry Outsourcing Services

Online Data Entry

We provide quality online solutions ranging from PDF document indexing to data entry of product catalogs and handwritten documents.

Alphanumeric Data Entry

We convert digital/numeric data files into electronic format for banks, insurance and other sector business entities.

Offline Data Entry

We have vast experience in providing quality offline services for projects related to invoices, bills, excel entry and form filling.

Medical Data Entry

We can ease data entry challenges for medical entities by delivering accurate data entry for any kind of health records.

Image Data Entry

We use innovative technologies to convert scanned images into well-organized files for image capturing, presentation and analysis.

Survey Data Entry

We provide accurate documentation of different types of surveys and questionnaires – heritage research and site identification.

Insurance Claims Entry

By converting data into the desired format and maintaining it in electronic form, we help insurance firms save time on paperwork.

Legal Data Entry

Using advanced techniques including OCR and ICR, we support lawyers and legal firms in managing their complex legal data.

Handwritten Data Entry

Any handwritten documents – applications, receipts, letters, forms, invoices or bills can be converted into a proper digital format.

Excel Data Entry

With experience in handling diverse excel data entry projects, we can update and maintain even large MS Excel databases competently.

Offshore Data Entry

Our offshore team of experts delivers data entry records in a range of formats within the turnaround time as per specifications.

Automated Data Entry

We use the latest techniques to automate the process. With the help of OCR software, text can be extracted from the document.

What Makes Our Service Unique

At Managed Outsource Solutions –

We can capture information from various sources like soft copies, hard copies, web pages and provide the output in your desired format. We can scan and digitize hard copies.

We follow enhanced security measures and adhere to HIPAA and privacy policies to keep your documents safe. We use secure file transfer methods such as FTP and browser-based 256 AES encryption.

We have the latest equipment and technology including scanners, processors, OCR, and ICR technology to carry out online as well as offline data entry and processing.

We assign a dedicated QA/QC team of specialists for each project, thus providing stringent quality control to improve accuracy.

We have years of experience in handling highly challenging data entry projects. This expertise helps us to easily handle and streamline your task.

30 To 40% Cost Savings

Regular Updates And Reports

Round-the-clock Support

Faster Turnaround Time

Strict Data Security

Experienced Workforce

Our goal is to provide excellent service at an affordable price.

Get a Free Trial of our data entry services, call 1-800-670-2809.

Our Services Also Include

Data Processing

We can format and extract specific information even from a huge volume of data. Through advanced processing methods, we can provide comprehensive data for your business purposes.


Form filling and processing

Order processing
Mailing list compilation
Records indexing
Purchase order management

Data Conversion

Whether you would like to digitize your business data, images or even mixed documents, we can convert any of your documents, even those in unstructured formats, into easy-to-access digital formats within short TAT.

EBook conversion
PDF conversion
HTML conversion
Word formatting
XML conversion

Data Mining

Our team of analysts can accurately interpret data by following standard practices of classifying and clustering information. We extract valuable information from any of the data or records provided.

Contact data mining
Email list mining
Social media data mining
Address validation
Historic data mining

Data Extraction

Our services also include retrieving information from multiple sources. We are experienced in using data extraction software that uses OCR technology to automate data entry tasks.

OCR clean up
PDF data extraction
Database extraction
Business data search
Our team can assist you in storing information properly by removing inaccurate, outdated and duplicated information.Our data cleansing services include removing duplicate entries, validating information, standardizing addresses, auditing data integrity and updating database records. This ensures excellent online as well as offline data quality.

Our Data Entry Process


Receiving and uploading the documents on to our secure FTP. You can also send scanned documents in any formats – PDF/XML, XML, Word doc or hard copy documents in the form of DVD or mail or handwritten documents. Based on request, we can also access your files by a secure VPN.

Your data entry project will be assigned to one of our Project Managers. Project details will be verified by this manager and then assigned to the team. Managers will supervise and guide the team. They monitor all the work from start to completion and ensure that all tasks are completed within the specific time.
Three level quality checks will be done to ensure accuracy above 99%. In the first stage, proofreading will be done by experts to identify errors and correct them and then the file will be sent to the QA team, and a third level check will also be done for clarity and accuracy.
Tasks will be completed within the required turnaround time and the final document will be delivered through secure resources such as FTP or browser-based 256 AES encryption.

Receiving The Documents

Data Verification and Validation

Data Entry

Conversion of Processed Data

Quality Control Checks

Project Delivery


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Our team works with you

Meet The Right Team For All Your Data Entry Goals At Managed Outsource Solutions

Our team of data entry specialists, QA analysts and subject matter experts work together to handle both online and offline projects and thus meet your needs within the specified time.

Outsource to us and save on your infrastructure and in-house data entry costs.

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