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Survey Data Entry

In many business, decision making relies on surveys and statistics. Data from surveys has to be properly entered, managed and organized. Crucial as it is, survey data entry and processing consumes significant time and resources. That’s where support from our experienced data entry company can prove invaluable. Based in Tulsa, OK, Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) can ensure efficient entry and processing of survey information, saving you resources and manpower and streamlining your company’s operations.

Benefits of Outsourcing to MOS

Many studies are still carried out on paper, which means it would require manual entry into the computer for digitization of the data and further analysis. Even in the case of online and mobile surveys there is a distinct process of entry, analysis and processing required. The greater the magnitude of the research, the greater the resource and work demands are. This could interfere with an organization’s functioning. With industry leading expertise, MOS can provide the solution to these issues.

We can handle manual or automated and small or large volume entry. Our advanced technological capabilities allow us to provide data entry solutions that can save up to 30% to 40% on your operating costs.

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Comprehensive Survey Data Entry

We can ensure accurate entry of data into spreadsheets, database management programs and statistical programs. Our services are available for:

We can help you with oral, written or electronic/digital/online analysis. Our clientele includes:

The MOS Advantage

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