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Tired of the challenges posed by paper-based drawings? Say goodbye to manual errors, time-consuming modifications, and limited accessibility. At Managed Outsource Solutions, we have the perfect solution – our specialized paper to CAD conversion services allow you to harness the power of digital design, streamline your workflow, and improve accuracy, collaboration, and accessibility of your designs.

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Paper to CAD Conversion Offers a Wide Range of Benefits

Converting paper documents to CAD format increases their value significantly. We provide a comprehensive range of CAD conversion solutions and can deliver the final output in formats such as .DWG, .DXF, .DGN, and .STL.

Our services offer numerous benefits to businesses and professionals in various industries.

Here are some key advantages of utilizing paper to CAD conversion services:

Accuracy in the Output
Easy Modifications and Revisions
Enhanced Accessibility and Collaboration
Cost and Space Savings
Digital Archiving and Retrieval
Compatibility and Integration
Improved Visualization and Presentation

We have Extensive Experience Converting Paper Files to Numerous CAD Formats

Let MOS be your trusted partner for all your Paper to CAD conversion outsourcing needs! Experience the peace of mind that comes with our reliable services, ensuring accurate and efficient transformation of your paper drawings into digital CAD files.

With MOS by your side, you can focus on your core business while we handle your CAD conversion requirements with utmost professionalism.


Project handled by CAD conversion experts

Use of latest scanning tools and CAD conversion software
Stringent QA measures
Customized solutions
Precise, editable digital reproductions
Volume discounts
Affordable pricing, 30-40% lower than current market rates
Privacy and confidentiality maintained

Flexible and Affordable Pricing Options

Whether you have short-term needs with hourly requirements or long-term needs that demand full-time equivalents (FTEs), we have you covered. Our team can provide competent Paper to CAD conversion services at a highly competitive and flexible price point.

With bulk discounts you can experience cost savings up to 40% vs the competition.

Transform your paper drawings with Paper to CAD Conversion!

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Our Paper to CAD Conversion Process


The conversion process involves several key steps to transform paper-based drawings into digital CAD files.

Scanning the Paper Drawings

We utilize quality scanning equipment to convert your paper drawings into digital images. We ensure that the scanning resolution is high enough to capture all the details accurately.

Dimensioning and Scaling

The CAD conversion process includes adding accurate dimensions and scaling to the drawings, ensuring that they adhere to the original measurements and proportions.

Quality Assurance

This includes reviewing dimensions, verifying layer organization, and ensuring adherence to design standards. Dimensions, alignments, and other critical details are verified against the source material.

Clean-up and Image Enhancement

The scanned images are then processed to remove any smudges or creases that may have been introduced during the process. Brightness and sharpness are adjusted to enhance clarity.

Layering and Organization

CAD files are properly organized into layers to enable efficient management and editing. Layering facilitates easy customization and modification of the drawings.

DFX/DWG Conversion

Once the digitization is complete, the CAD file is saved in a suitable format, such as DWG (AutoCAD) or DXF. You can also export the CAD drawing to other formats, depending on your specific requirements.

Importing Scanned Images into CAD Software

The cleaned scanned images are efficiently imported into the CAD software that supports image insertion as a reference or underlay.

Annotation and Text Addition

Annotations, labels, and text descriptions can be added to the CAD files to provide additional information or clarification, enhancing the lucidity of the drawings.

Delivery of CAD Files

The delivery of CAD files is a crucial final step in the CAD conversion process, where the converted designs are securely transferred to the clients through reliable and encrypted digital channels.

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What is paper to CAD conversion?
It is the process of converting paper-based drawings, blueprints, or plans into digital CAD (Computer-Aided Design) files. It involves scanning the paper documents, cleaning up the scanned images, and recreating the drawings digitally using specialized software.
Why should I consider paper to CAD conversion?
Paper to CAD conversion offers several benefits, including

  • improved accuracy
  • easy editing and modification
  • enhanced accessibility and collaboration
  • space and cost savings
  • compatibility with modern design software

It allows for efficient digital storage, retrieval, and sharing of designs, streamlines the design workflow, and facilitates better communication among project stakeholders.

What types of paper documents can be converted to CAD?
Various types of paper documents can be converted to CAD, including architectural drawings, engineering plans, electrical schematics, mechanical blueprints, survey maps, and more. Essentially, any paper document that contains visual information and requires precise measurements can be converted to CAD.
Can text and annotations be included in the converted CAD files?
Yes, text and annotations can be added to the converted CAD files. Our CAD technicians can include labels, descriptions, and other text elements to provide additional information or clarify specific design elements. This enhances the clarity of the drawings and aids in their interpretation.
Is it possible to convert large-scale or oversized paper drawings to CAD?
Yes, it is possible to convert large-scale or oversized paper drawings to CAD. We use specialized scanning equipment to capture the entire drawing, and the digital conversion process can accurately recreate the design at the appropriate scale.
How long does the conversion process typically take?
The time required for the process can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the drawings, the quantity of documents, and the specific requirements of the project. Contact us to get an estimate based on your specific project needs.
Can the converted CAD files be used with different CAD software?
Yes, the converted CAD files can be used with different CAD software programs. The files are usually saved in widely supported formats such as DWG or DXF, which can be opened and edited in various CAD applications, providing compatibility and flexibility for different design workflows.
How is quality ensured in MOS?
At our company, we follow rigorous quality control procedures and adhere to predetermined performance metrics and service level agreements. Our dedicated team conducts frequent performance evaluations, promptly addresses any deviations or issues, and maintains transparent communication channels with our clients. Additionally, periodic reviews are conducted to ensure that the desired quality levels are consistently met.
How do I get started?
To explore our range of offerings and determine if our services align with your business needs, we encourage you to connect with our CAD conversion company. You can reach us at (800)-670-2809 or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can assist your business.

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