Web Data Extraction Services – Collect Valuable Information Quickly

by | Published on Sep 27, 2013 | Outsourcing Services

Web Data Extraction Services - Collect Valuable Information QuicklyAre you wondering how decision makers come up with answers to critical business questions using information and knowledge about a firm’s operations? Well, it is most likely that they are engaged in some form of web data extraction and data warehousing. For many businesses, using the web as a data mart access vehicle can provide end-to-end solutions. With an intranet in place, they can allow employees to access these data marts at no expense. Powerful tools extract valuable data from original sources and convert it into valuable information for decision makers.

However, collecting web-based information from various relevant sources can be a time-consuming task, if performed in-house. Outsourcing companies providing web data extraction services can help businesses extract the valuable information they need from the Web easily and quickly. They use the latest web harvesting tools and techniques to extract information from HTML web pages that are relevant to the client’s business. This extracted information is exported to structured output formats such as Microsoft Excel (CSV), Microsoft Access database, SQL script, HTML, Text (TXT), XML, MySQL script files, and so on.

Information that is usually extracted from the web include current market trends, commodity price information, competitors’ pricing strategies, article or blog content from various websites, and any other information valuable to your business organization. A business process outsourcing can offer:

  • Customized HTML data extraction services
  • Meta-data (data about data) extraction from target websites
  • Extraction of information from databases using database query
  • Collection of information from consumer websites, blogs and forums to summarize customer opinions and reviews about your business

To gather important data, search is done on multiple databases and database formats. Advanced tools are used to extract information from HTTPS, site logins, JavaScript coded pages, proxy and plugins. A professional BPO company can help you can save 30 – 40 % on you operational expenses by providing web data extraction services at affordable rates.

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