Top eBook Formats in Use Today

by | Published on May 17, 2021 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

An update to the blog, “Benefits of Reading Traditional Books and Ebooks

Lower costs, portability and device friendly formats are the main reasons for the growing popularity of eBooks over printed books. It is important for publishers and writers to stick to standard eBook formats to ensure the eBook can be read on all devices – e-readers, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Cost-effective eBook conversion services are available to convert printed books and books in digital formats into formats that can be read on all devices. There are many reliable eBook self-publishing platforms to advertise and sell eBook copies.

Here are 3 top eBook formats in use today –


EPUB or electronic publication is a popular free eBook format that uses the “.epub” file extension. Most e-book readers except Amazon Kindle devices accept this format. Books or publications in this format can be adjusted easily to any screen size the reader has. Based on HTML and CSS, this open-source format can store texts, images, tables, stylesheets, and metadata. Certain readers like Kindle may require converting EPUB to other formats for better reading experiences. Kindle ePub conversion services provided by professional companies can be of great support here to convert EPUB to other Kindle friendly formats such as .mobi, .azw, .prc and more.

6 Reasons Why EPUB Is a Better eBook Format Than PDF


PDF or Portable Document Format is a common eBook format that comes with many advantages. It is easy and comfortable to read, maintains visually-pleasing layouts, can be accessed in almost any device, and content is easily searchable. All documents and text can also be saved in PDF format. If any reader device does not read PDF files, users can get it converted to other suitable formats using PDF conversion services. Without conversion, PDF eBooks can be difficult to edit. Advanced PDF converter platforms and apps are also available to convert PDF to JPG, Word doc, HTML, Excel or vice versa.



Now called AZW (AZW3 or KFX), MOBI file is used exclusively in Amazon Kindle. This Amazon format is protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM locks the book so it can only be read on devices associated with the user’s account. MOBI files are widely used for devices with low bandwidth, except Barnes and Noble Nook and Sony Reader. A good format for smaller screens, AZW is specially designed for mobile and supports bookmarks, corrections, and JavaScript.


In addition to being knowledgeable about standard formats, it is also important for publishers to be aware of industry standards like Digital Rights Management or DRM. DRM can be defined as a form of copyright protection to fight unauthorized distribution of copyrighted works. A DRM-protected ebook will be compatible with the largest number of devices and software and protected against piracy. Digital watermarking is a common form of DRM, which allows loading the books on as many devices as you want, but helps curb piracy. Many formats use Adobe Digital Rights Management, while Amazon has their own proprietary Kindle formats, with AZW and KF8, while many others use for EPUB and PDF files. Manually written books can also be converted to eBooks of any required format with the support of an experienced document conversion company.

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