Top 5 Trends in the IT Industry in 2015

by | Published on Jul 6, 2015 | Outsourcing Services

Trends in the IT IndustryThe global business process outsourcing (BPO) market will grow at an average of 5.4% every year during the period 2010 to 2015, according to specialist technology analyst firm Ovum. As 2014 is about to end, businesses across the world, predominantly companies in the Information Technology (IT) sector are enthusiastic about the new opportunities that 2015 has to offer. Products and services in the IT sector are expected to drive organizational growth, enhance productivity, generate insights, and increase efficiencies in the coming year.

Trends in the IT industry keep on changing. Let us consider the top five trends likely in the IT industry for the year 2015.

Innovative mobile apps: Integrating innovative mobile applications with existing infrastructure will help businesses overcome the challenges of security and flexibility. Some other trends in mobile application development would be new interest in wearable devices, use of HTML, changes in ways to engage customers more effectively.

Mobile solutions can provide businesses with the following advantages:

  • Empower employees to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Accelerate and gain efficiencies with end-to-end business processes

Cloud technology: The trend for companies to store IT infrastructure in the cloud is prevalent and will continue in 2015 also. The technology not only reduces cost of operations and overheads but also helps companies to avoid additional maintenance costs. Cloud trends according to Gartner in 2015:

  • A hybrid cloud computing model is a necessity due to its data security management and resources scalability
  • Cloud services brokerages which will feast on those who need a qualified piece of advice on implementing smart cloud computing solutions
  • Making cloud compatible or cloud-optimized applications instead of migrating the existing ones to the cloud

Internet of Things (IoT): The focus will shift from hardware to software in 2015. Cloud services will grow in their importance in delivering the capability to connect all the sensors, upload information, and generate analytics for insights. Enterprise IT will be engaged in application development in this domain for connected devices, and will include in small and medium business markets.

Data and analytics: By next year, more applications will be created that are geared towards data and analytics. Businesses are seen taking advantage of big data and are using the same for improving competencies and strategies. Some of the trends in big data by 2015 will include:

  • Linking Systems of Record (SOR) systems data into large data storehouses
  • Capturing real time data
  • Video, audio and image analytics
  • Data collection organization

New features in interface design and usability: Next year, the top trends for design will still be focused in-web design, those that are used in code-free platforms, responsive design for mobile and smart gadgets, and flat design. For coding languages, the latest ones such as Hack, Go, and Swift will find their place among C, C++, HTML5, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, C#, Ruby, CSS, and SQL.

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