Portable Document Format or PDF has evolved over the years since AdobeĀ® Systems invented it in the early 1990s. Adobe developed PDF as a universally compatible file format based on the PostScript format and it is now globally accepted as the conventional standard for the exchange of documents and information. Businesses transitioning to a paperless… Read More »

In this digital world, Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most commonly used file format, but to make the data more useful, PDF is converted into Word or Excel formats. To perform this conversion, companies use PDF data entry services. They help to convert PDF documents into accessible formats. Converting data from PDF to Excel… Read More »

What Are the Pros and Cons of the PDF Format?

PDF is a universal file format mainly used for business purposes to store textual and graphical data. With this format, businesses no longer have to handle bulky documents, and experience loss of critical data. PDF conversion services are available to convert PDF format from and to almost all common types of files. This format has… Read More »

Portable Document Format (PDF), which is a read-only file format, was introduced by Adobe in the early 1990s to make file sharing between devices stress-free. There are so many reasons why we prefer PDF conversion of files. PDF is one of the most widely used document formats in the business world. PDF documents are independent… Read More »

As the world gets busier, businesses are always in search of easy and quick ways to convert documents into the desired digital format. Any document can be converted to various files like PDF, HTML, DOC, XML and so on with the help of a document conversion company. PDF is one of the popular formats used… Read More »

With the rising need towards going green and being environment-friendly, businesses have increased the demand for a paperless office. One simple way to achieve a paperless office is by scanning business data with the help of a document scanning service. It is an initiative to convert all paper-intensive processes into automated workflow. The digital documents… Read More »

With the rise of the Internet, smartphones, and social media, the world is going digital. The quick transition has increased the demand for digital conversion of books and other written documents in many organizations. With advanced technology and the support of a document conversion company any reading material can be converted into digital format. What… Read More »

Portable Document Format or PDF is a file format that is used very commonly across the world. PDF was developed to create a file format that would maintain fixed file formatting. Its cross-platform compatibility enables documents to be viewed on almost any mobile device or computer. PDF conversion is one of the most sought-after data… Read More »

The logistics industry is a paper-intensive industry. Every year, they handle thousands of documents and images. They operate within a highly regulated environment and so substantial investment goes into storing these paper files. Document scanning companies can digitize the paper documents, thereby reducing storage costs and space. Documents handled in the logistics industry include bill… Read More »

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a great file format, mainly popular for its easy document sharing and archiving properties. However, editing them requires some effort. Being smaller, easier to email, and more efficient for printing because it is portable, in the PDF format all the necessary elements to produce the finished product are collected into… Read More »

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