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Legal Coding


Attorneys in law firms have to create, refer and deal with volumes of documents. As they are involved in many different legal cases at any given time, proper document management at their offices is highly essential. One can get lost if data and information is not well organized. Legal coding or indexing of these documents is a very useful solution to this problem. Basic legal coding will allow search with predetermined search criteria. Thus reports can be generated as per the choice made by the lawyer so that it can be used during the litigation process.

Legal coding based on objectives is the most preferred method. Here the documents are coded based upon certain uniforms standards that have evolved over the years in the legal professional communities. Thus legal coding requires coding personnel to have a good knowledge of legal terminology, coding principles, coding rules. Coding is nowadays done using specialized software.
Legal documents from all the different stages of a litigation process undergo legal coding. These could be either, a client letter, a complaint, pleading, a brief, affidavit, petition agreement and the like.

There are different types objective coding like:

  • Coding using the title
  • Coding entire content
  • Indexing using major key words in document
  • Bibliographic coding

Coding of legal data work needs special skill and this can be outsourced. Today many coding services are provided at highly cost effective charges. Once coded, the finished documents must be compatible and work in synchronization with the established legal software like Summation and Concordance.

Managed Outsource Solutions is US based legal coding outsourcer with domestic facilities within the US and also offshore work spots in India and the Philippines.

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