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How to Stay Relevant in the Present Day Digital World

by | Published on Feb 26, 2018 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Stay RelevantIn the present digital era, businesses have transformed from traditional modes of operation and management to modern and technology-oriented ways of functioning. Be it small, medium or large firms, digital transformation has become imperative and this has increased the demand for data conversion services and such other digital solutions. Digital advancements such as automation, cloud systems, artificial intelligence and so on enable storing any volume of data and accessing it anytime. To ensure effective business transformation, enhanced efficiency and productivity, information/content must be easily searched, retrieved, and used. This demands a comprehensive document solution with an ideal integration of software and hardware.

According to the IDC (International Data Centre), by the year 2025 the world will create 160 trillion gigabytes worth data. For every company, efficiently managing huge volumes of data for better customer experience and decision-making is a major concern and this has led to the increased need for companies to digitize.

What to Do First

Digital transformation is not something that can happen overnight. It takes time and proper planning to yield maximum benefits. According to the IDC, digitization is a five-step process-

  • Ad-hoc: The first stage that involves paper centric workflows
  • The second stage which involves scanning and capturing of data. At this stage, the data is connected to content management system and repositories, and the workflow is manual.
  • The third and fourth stages involve integration and automation. This means the organization must have the necessary tools such as OCR (optical character recognition) software and multifunction printers (MFPs) in place for successful document scanning and conversion.
  • In the fifth stage the company reaches true digital transformation, with automation across all departments, advanced workflow, next generation security, and artificial intelligence.

Proper digitization is when there is a right mix of equipment and software. So appropriate technology and machines like scanners, printers etc are essential. With the support of a reliable document scanning company, businesses can save cost, improve productivity, efficiency, decision making and achieve growth.

Take for example, the naval sector. Recently, nationaldefensemagazine.org carried a news item on how digitization is providing huge cost savings for major navy programs. The navy utilizes scanning and document conversion services for their archival documents, engineering drawings, tech manuals, microfilm and fiche. Millions of pages exist in Navy databases, websites and secure repositories that need to be digitized and managed. In this case, the Navy could enjoy cost savings on its largest procurements by increasing the use of digital technologies beginning in the research and development phase. This initial phase is one where document scanning solutions become very significant.

James “Hondo”Geurts, who assumed the job of assistant secretary of the Navy for research, development and acquisition in late 2017 is looking to help the service create different acquisition processes for different programs. Major procurement programs such as shipbuilding are also witnessing the digital era, with augmented reality and 3D digital modelling technologies improving the speed and efficiency of such programs. 3D scanning technology increases the effectiveness while working with complex shapes and parts. It also helps in the design of products. Advanced 3D scanning devices can quickly capture the physical measurements of any object and ensure that all parts fit together.

Digital WorldGeurts says that by integrating digitization in major procurement programs the Navy has been able to see huge savings in the construction of the second Ford-class aircraft carrier, the USS John F. Kennedy, CVN-79. Another such program is the Navy’s imminent new configuration of the Arleigh Burke-class of guided missile destroyers. A 3D design model of new ship was submitted by last December. Two major companies are competing for the contract, and both companies had to submit a 3D design model for the new ship by December 2017. The Navy is looking forward to these shipbuilders looking at how they can build those ships as quickly and as effectively as possible and remains confident they will be creative in the competitive process.

3D scanning and other advanced technologies are used in various industries – automotive, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, defense, entertainment and media, and in the healthcare sector. Digitization helps organizations to be more alert to changing business values. It also helps to streamline and automate all business processes to improve efficiency. By utilizing reliable outsourced solutions and digital tools effectively, you can place your organization in a better position to compete in this ever-changing, fast-paced digital world.

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