How to Reduce Office Paper Usage This World Environment Day

by | Published on Jun 4, 2021 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Each year, World Environment Day is celebrated across the globe on 5th June. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) organizes this event annually to spread worldwide awareness and action for the protection of the environment. For 2021, the theme of the day is ‘Reimagine. Recreate. Restore.’ This theme represents the beginning of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration this year. Each year, different countries host the program, and this year Pakistan will be the global host of the World Environment Day. As a document scanning company with expertise in providing document scanning and imaging solutions for diverse industries, we understand how vital it is to create a paperless office; it is much more convenient and efficient as well.

Going digital and moving to a paperless office provides diverse advantages. If it is not completely possible, make sure to use paper only for limited purposes. According to a report from the University of Southern Indiana, Americans use 85,000,000 tons of paper a year; about 680 pounds per person and if every American recycled just one-tenth of their newspapers, we would save about 25,000,000 trees a year.

Here’s how your office can reduce paper consumption –

Strictly Implement Paper Usage Policies

Make two lists for documents that need to be printed and those that needn’t be. Based on these lists, make sure to clearly announce the policy and consistently enforce it. Train your staff to do any editing online before printing, as this helps reduce the number of draft copies of documents to be printed.

Use Digital Forms

Consider using online forms to conduct surveys, to get product or service feedback, or to request information about task progress. Digital forms are more convenient and less expensive too. By using online forms, you can easily and automatically integrate survey responses with any other software you use.

Share Files Online

Rather than printing relevant documents such as staff policies and non-disclosure agreements or any other files, reports or other publications, consider sharing them via email or Google Drive.

Scan and Digitize Documents

Instead of buying tons of papers, invest in a document scanner or consider the support of reliable document scanning companies. Scan and store as many files as possible digitally, as it provides diverse benefits. You’ll save storage space and costs as records need not be stored as hard copies and data security is assured as you can encrypt, password protect and securely store scanned documents in the cloud. Your staffs can easily access and share files without spending much time and you can prevent excess paper clutter in your office. Enhanced disaster recovery measures provide the peace of mind that your business documents are stored safe from fire, flood or other natural disasters. By dealing with paperless projects, you not only save time and money but also protect the earth.

Recycle used Paper

Consider recycling used paper and reuse paper by using both the sides; use scrap paper for notes and memos. You can also choose to buy recycled paper, as it reduces paper production and saves the environment. It is ideal to invest in waste paper recycling bins to minimize used paper being thrown into the garbage.

Consider following these above-mentioned tips in your office to reduce paper usage, keep the earth green and create an eco-friendly environment. Whether your concern is handling bulk documents, photos or historical records, our reliable data conversion service can support you in your efforts to go green.

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