How Realtors Can Benefit from Digital Signature

by | Published on Jan 30, 2020 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Real estate agents and contractors may have to deal with a lot of paperwork, and collect several signatures and sales to close their target and to complete any property deals. Getting an agreement or contract signed by a home buyer or seller is also a time-consuming task for realtors. Now, professional document scanning services are available for real estate firms to scan and digitize documents to any required file formats. At the same time, more technical options and platforms like digital signature tools are available under artificial intelligence (AI) to help real estate agents close their property deals easily.

Realtors Can Benefit from Digital Signature

A digital signature is a form of electronic signature that further improves the security and authentication of the signature. It works as an extra protective layer on top of electronic signatures. All parties whether buyers, sellers or contractors involved in a real estate transaction can utilize e-signatures to easily get any documents or agreements signed, such as residential disclosure, sales contract, leases, liens, rent agreements, pre-approval letters, floor plans, mortgage forms, seller’s affidavits and offer to purchase.

A digital code attached to the electronic document can identify the signer, check and ensure the original content of the document. This tool also uses encryption technology to prevent alteration. Because of its safety features, using a digital signature platform to electronically sign a document is considered preferable over other methods.

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Digital Signature Benefits for Real Estate Agents

Reduce paperwork, manage and store documents

Digital signatures let realtors get their work done without being tied to the office or the hassles of using paper. Agents can enjoy a paperless environment with a centralized location for all documents. You can also save time in scanning, converting and mailing contracts. These digital files are also accessible anytime, for each client. Documents to be signed can be sent via email and the other party can sign them just with the touch of a button. It will only take a few minutes to seal the deal with electronic signatures.

Track signatures easily

These e-signature tools allow realtors to easily track the documents they have sent for signing. Status of every signature can be tracked in realtime. After sending the real estate contracts, you can just wait for the recipients to sign. The underlying encryption technology of digital signature platforms creates an audit trail to track each step of the signing process. This technology also provides certificates when documents have been executed electronically. You will get a notification immediately when someone signs. You can also see who has signed the contracts and who is yet to sign.

With the built-in reminder feature of such software, realtors can retrieve signatures. Using the reminder button, you can send a message reminding the client to sign the documents. With this feature, you don’t have to send emails, call buyers, or leave voice mail messages to remind them. With reminders, you can ensure that all contracts are signed in time, avoiding any unnecessary delays.

No office meetings to get the document signed

No need of office appointments for paper signing. Time is important in completing real estate deals fast. Even a few minutes’ delay in signing a contract could end up costing the buyer the deal. Digital signature software can ensure that there is no delay in each party signing the required fields as necessary, no matter where they are located. You can create, track, sign, and manage all the paperwork needed from any location. You don’t have to manually meet the clients for their signature.

Keep your documents safe and avoid missing any

Digital signatures provide a high level of security. Digitally signed documents are securely stored online. Security features in such software prevent tampering and authenticate the document. Identity of signers and the document’s contents will be permanently secure. Once signed, the document’s integrity is protected. Clients can sign and return the documents in just a few clicks so that no documents are lost.

Digital signatures allow automating all steps within the real estate property closing process. Certain key digital signature tools used widely in the market are – SignEasy, DocuSign, Digital Ink, dotloop and eSign. With advanced AI and robotic solutions, it is clear that the real estate industry is becoming more technology-intensive rather than labor-intensive.Real estate firms can also consider reliable business process outsourcing solutions from experienced companies to make their data management easier.

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