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Different Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence Can Support Real Estate Businesses


The real estate industry has to deal with a lot of paper documents related to sale and rental agreements, invoices, mortgage contracts, lease applications, titles, bank forms, property management forms, and legal documents among others. These paper-based documents take up a lot of storage space and maintaining paper-based documents is unnecessarily cumbersome and costly. Realtors as well as the people involved in buying, renting or selling properties are required to scan a lot of documents, which is really a strenuous task. Partnering with professional document scanning service providers helps scan paper documents in bulk and convert them into required file formats such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF and others.
Different Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence Can Support Real Estate Businesses
The business of real estate is more than just location. It also involves plenty of data about buyers, sellers, and their finances and preferences among many other things. So, it may be practical and sensible to leverage the use of a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) tool to make real estate business tasks easier. In fact, the real estate industry has already experienced its advantages and is making developments in making full use of AI to make their work easier, valuable and remunerative. Here are the different ways in which AI can help the real estate industry.

  • AI can give recommendations – Real estate agents often find it very difficult to find the right estates for the right customers. In spite of detailed conversation, it becomes difficult, and time-consuming to provide suitable real estate choices.  Since AI is excellent with data and the larger the data the better they work; AI tools can find the perfect set of properties for the customers. AI takes information from a conversation with customers, transforms it into data and inputs it into its algorithms to come up with the best set of choices.  In addition, a very descriptive form consisting of questions can be made, that the customers are required to fill, and the realtor AI can come up with the best choice of properties for the customers, with the help of its algorithms. This will help save a lot of time and effort for realtors who often struggle to find the exact places that suit their customers. The recommendations are so strong that it can also provide recommendations to people on the basis of their behavior on the current website. This will help customers to stay away from properties that do not match their requirements and liking. Popular real estate platforms such as Airbnb use algorithms for recommendations to find the right property for the right people at the right price. In the coming years, AI can be used to give personalized recommendations on the basis of individual buyer personalities.
  • Chatbots – AI works all throughout the day and night. People can ask for help and take guidance any time of the day according to their convenience. Chatbots can help you with this. They automate conversations and build personalized conversations as well as healthy relationships. Chatbots can even answer simple questions customers ask and help them with their property of interest, before directly talking to the estate agent. Several chatbots are available that can be used in real estate. One such example of a chatbot is ai which is a great time saver for agents and brokers and makes things easy for the realtors.
  • Provides meaningful prediction – When data is given to AI, it can provide meaningful predictions involving customer priority. For instance, AI can anticipate what is going to be the price of an area based on the geographical area and future development or physical changes that the area might go through. In addition, it can predict which area is more vulnerable to theft or other crimes, as it is an important aspect for anyone to consider while buying or renting a home. The AI-based customer relationship management systems have also progressed greatly that they can even predict if someone is likely to default on their loan or fail a credit check. AI can also find unique aspects of a property using NLP.
  • Virtual tours of homes – People will be very happy if they do not have to find extra time to visit a property. Often, properties seen in pictures may not look exactly the same when viewed in person. One great option is using virtual tours of homes. This will really help your business. Several online platforms for architectural and construction industry are available which lets viewers virtually walk through a house using a digital platform.
  • Helps avoid disasters and damage – Usually, buildings are constructed without taking into consideration how disaster-prone the area is or what measures to take to not be affected by disasters.  In fact, prior knowledge of building statistics is very important to avoid disasters and the consequent damage.

With AI, real estate businesses can function more efficiently and profitably. When it comes to managing paper documents, partnering with a reliable document scanning company helps real estate businesses to increase productivity, save money, time, and space and concentrate more on important activities.

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