How Outsourcing Solutions Can Transform Your Back Office

by | Published on Jan 25, 2022 | Back Office Outsourcing

A growing business may have to face many challenges, of which a major one is dealing with back office processes. Back office activities may include customer care, sales, data entry, billing, human resources, staffing, transcription, forms processing, data conversion, document scanning, and so on. Hiring and training new employees to manage your back office processes and data can be quite expensive. A better and more practical alternative is to partner with an experienced business process outsourcing company that can efficiently manage such processes. With the right outsourcing strategy, businesses can cut their costs considerably while enhancing productivity and focus at the same time.

Here is a look at the benefits of outsourcing back-office tasks:

Cost and time savings

As an experienced BPO company has well-trained staff to handle all specific back office tasks, you can save money spent on hiring employees to perform those jobs. Your staff can also save their time and focus on improving your core business processes.

Services from expert resources

Finding the right talent in-house is a hectic task. Reliable BPOs provide the services of skilled and experienced employees who can do the tasks perfectly. You can save your time and money spent searching for the skills that meet your specific needs.

Access to advanced technologies

Instead of investing a lot of money in new software and hardware, outsourcing back-office functions allows you to take advantage of the benefits without other expenses. Reputable BPO service providers will make sure to upgrade their infrastructure and technology as per industry standards, and thus serve their clients better.

Improved productivity

By taking professional support to handle strenuous, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks like data entry, you can focus more on key business functions that drive revenue and growth. Businesses outsourcing their office functions are more likely to perform well in the market compared to those that manage all activities with in-house teams.

Diverse Industries Benefit from Back Office Outsourcing


Often, physicians struggle to balance patient care and administrative tasks. In such cases, administrative responsibilities can be outsourced to a skilled team providing back office support. Healthcare back-office support services for hospitals and other entities mainly include:

  • Medical billing and coding
  • Medical data entry
  • Medical transcription
  • Claims processing
  • AR management and follow-up
  • Patient eligibility verification
  • Charge entry
  • RADV Audits
  • Healthcare IT
  • Medical records indexing


Attorneys and other legal entities may find it difficult to handle administrative tasks and focus on their cases at the same time. Lawyers have to concentrate on their core case dealings during billable hours to satisfy clients. Outsourcing day-to-day business operations can free you and your staff from non-core tasks. Legal back office outsourcing services are mainly related to –

  • Accounting tasks
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll processing
  • Recording and summarizing time entries
  • Record organization
  • Document scanning
  • e-filing
  • Research
  • Medical record review


Insurance companies and brokers have to strive to provide hassle-free customer experience. Some back-office management services that may provide relief to insurers can be related to

  • Insurance claims data entry
  • Client appointment scheduling
  • Commission management
  • Warranty claims management
  • Market research
  • Customer care
  • Analytics
  • Document scanning and imaging
  • Insurance accounting
  • Policy checking
  • Claims administration
  • Renewal exposure summary


In a financial organization like a bank, it is ideal to hire a third-party expert to deal with the tedious back-office processes. Such professional support will save the staff’s time for core processes such as customer service, marketing, and new product offerings. Reliable back-office outsourcing providers can successfully manage many end-to-end bank back-office processes including

  • Loan structuring
  • Form completion
  • Record processes
  • Data entry
  • Detailed accounting
  • Staff training


Media and entertainment businesses related to production, broadcasting, publishing, digital media, advertising, design, film, music, etc. can benefit from outsourcing their non-core back-office operations such as

  • Accounting or Book keeping
  • Customer service
  • Finance & accounting
  • Payroll management
  • Invoice or order processing
  • Market surveys and data processing


Realtors can consider collaborating with an affordable back-office outsourcing service provider to improve their day‐to‐day property selling and management functions. Real estate back office services can provide support with –

  • Mortgage forms processing
  • Bookkeeping and taxes
  • Catalog conversion
  • Data management
  • Property insurance data entry
  • Data cleansing
  • Web research
  • Transcription
  • Marketing support


Retail companies can rely on BPO services to provide quality customer experience and focus more on sales to compete against e-commerce players. They can consider outsourcing tasks such as –

  • Chat and email support
  • Document scanning
  • Data mining
  • Data entry
  • Survey data collection
  • Accounting and financial reporting


Companies in the telecom sector can choose a flexible outsourcing strategy to access expert resources to deal with their time-consuming back office tasks such as –

  • Customer data management
  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Technical support
  • Customer profitability analysis
  • Order forms management


The E-commerce sector can consider the support of outsourcing service companies to efficiently deal with their large volume product data and save time in improving their online sales. E-commerce support services can be related to –

  • Order management
  • Digital marketing
  • Product information management
  • Finance & accounting

No doubt, back office outsourcing helps business organizations achieve efficiency in all sorts of operations, which in turn can improve business performance. Make sure to partner with an experienced BPO vendor that can meet your growing industry demands.


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