Why Digitize Media Distribution?

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Digitize Media DistributionTechnological developments are having an impact on every aspect of our lives, with businesses benefiting immensely from these advances. In keeping with this trend, the media and entertainment industry is also in the midst of a huge transformation. Organizations in this sector are in the process of digitizing the production, distribution and consumption of content. A professional data entry company offers value added services to various business sectors including the media and entertainment industry, helping with speedy digitization of data.

Many Issues Related to Media Archives

Audiovisual resources are typically recorded on fragile and unstable media such as magnetic audio and videotape, nitrate/acetate based film negatives, and glass plates. Content on these media is subject to degradation, physical/chemical decay and loss due to natural disasters like floods and fire. Only an active digital preservation strategy can protect valuable media content and make it flexible, scalable and sustainable. When archives are digitized, they can be preserved for posterity. Moreover, these archives need to be renewed for sustained monetization across rising distribution and new media   channels.

A major challenge facing the media industry is managing the huge archives and libraries of film reels, while also keeping pace with the large amount of new content being churned out every day. Another problem the industry faces is with the distribution of items such as film reels. In both cases, digitization is the practical solution.

Media Distribution Can Be Challenging

Media distribution involves moving around tons of movie reels.  Handling movie reels that are decades old and distributing them around the country carry the risk of damaging the reel and many precautions have to be taken to ensure that the reels return in good condition. The task of handling them and maintaining them in proper fettle is not an easy task. This is when digitization becomes useful. It makes media distribution a simple and safe process, and ensures certain benefits.

Digitizing Brings Major benefits

Film conversion specialists in a reliable document conversion company are extremely skilled in digitizing your media assets. They take measures to protect these precious data storehouses and make them accessible for the future generation. The process of digitization is a step by step one that involves ingestion, cataloguing, preservation, distribution; complete security is ensured throughout. Digitizing media distribution offers three major benefits, which are:

  • Quick delivery: Delivering media content through snail mail is time consuming. However, with digitized copies distribution becomes easy ensuring quick delivery. With speedy file transfers customers can be provided with their media on demand. It also helps in sharing even the largest file quickly.
  • Assures security: Security assurance is very important for every file. Once all the media reels are digitized, backup copies can be made. This ensures security of the file. You can install all the security features you want for the best distribution you can provide your customers, and need not rely on another entity to deliver your product.
  • Shipping cost: Traditional method of sending mails is expensive and it also takes a lot of time to reach the customer. But after digitizing, all important media files can be transferred at the click of a button and it requires no packaging, no special storage and no postal charges.

To survive in a digital world, every industry is in the process of digitization and a professional document conversion company allows you to create, manage, sell and distribute your media content quickly and efficiently.

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