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How to Build a Paperless Real Estate Business

by | Published on Oct 3, 2018 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

The real estate industry is a large and influential sector of the US economy and includes not only brokers and agents, but also real estate developers, investors and others. It is a paper-intensive sector and real estate agents deal with large amounts of paper documents everyday related to sale and rental agreements, mortgage contracts, lease applications, titles, bank forms, property management forms etc. Large volume of paperwork can lead to misfiling of documents about and take quality time away from the employees. This is a major problem in the real estate sector that needs a long-term solution. Real estate firms can eliminate paper clutter by digitizing their documents and data. A document scanning company can scan paper documents, using high-speed scanners and convert them into digital format. This helps free up the manpower, improve efficiency, reduce administrative costs, improve communication between all parties and consolidate records from multiple sources.

Real Estate Business

Once the documents are scanned and digitized, it is essential to store, manage and track them. Document management software can help speed up your workflow, easily store documents, retrieve documents quickly, efficiently collaborate with peers, improve accuracy and give you peace of mind that your data is accurate and secure.

Document Management Software for the Real Estate Industry

Here are some document management software systems that can be used in your real estate firm.

  • eFileCabinet – It is one of the leading real estate document management software on the market. It allows you to manage, store, access and edit documents easily. By using eFileCabinet’s cloud option, you can access your documents anywhere, even from your mobile device, freeing you from the worry of misplacing documents. This document management software will help speed up the processes, save time and is affordable. It is easy to implement eFileCabinet. Other benefits include reduced need for storage space, easier to find needed information and better organization of records.
  • M-Files – This document management solution makes it easy for real estate professionals to organize, manage and track important real estate documents such as offers, contracts, comparable sales reports, surveys and appraisals, titles, disclosures, loan agreements and leases. Using M-Files, all these documents can be accessed from just one place using any criteria you choose. It helps increase transaction speed, reduce mistakes and get your deals closed faster, all at a lower cost. It makes it easy to access information on the go using your notebook PC or mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The offline features of this document managemenet software enable you to access important documents without an Internet connection.

In addition to that, an industry leader in document automation solutions, FabSoft offers a wide variety of real estate document management solutions to make real estate management easy and hassle free. Some of them include:

  • Reform Base Server – This product can streamline the real estate industry’s business workflow through automating document management and distribution as well as form enhancement. It captures print stream data from any operating system, application or device to enhance its visual features and intelligently distribute them to a printer, fax, email, or archive system.
  • MOST (Modular Object Scanning Technology) – It enables realtors to scan and distribute real estate related documents directly from MFPs (multi function printers). For instance, if a real estate company receives a signed agreement that needs to be emailed to another department, faxed to a client, and archived to the company’s digital archive system, this document management solution can perform all these actions right from the MFP screen. The documents can be printed to any printer on the network with full document management control over all finishing options. This technology also allows full customization to the MFP screen by creating collection tabs and assigning user groups with the built-in MOST Designer.
  • Print To Me – This document management control software allows realtors to print real estate documents from any local or remote PC. The real estate documents can be retrieved from any network connected MFP at any time. This software helps increase document security, eliminate redundant print jobs and allow for the smart release of pending print jobs.
  • Desktop Filler – It replaces pre-printed real estate forms with electronic versions and allows realtors to access, fill in, and process them from the MFP. Using Desktop Filler, realtors can select the form needed from an entire library of forms for their clients. This makes sure that the most up-to-date real estate forms are being used throughout the industry. Form fields can also be entered from the MFP screen which in turn provides more accuracy and legible information. After completion and scanning, the forms can be distributed to any device, printer, fax, email, or archive system.
  • Tag Doc – Using barcode tagging and scanning technology of an MFP or scanner, this document management solution automates the archival of documents. For instance, client contracts and other documentation may be required to be distributed to a client or other agents or brokers to collect handwritten notes and signatures. In order to ensure that the client contracts are filed with the correct client, Tag Doc tags the contracts with a barcode. When the barcode is scanned, all the information relating to each contract will be automatically connected with the correct paperwork. Once the client contracts are scanned after being signed, this software will intelligently archive the contracts with the rest of the paperwork related to the client. If the client contracts are needed in future, then they can be referenced in the archive system with the use of keyword search based on the information relating to the client contract.
  • DAC (Document Authority Control) – It improves document workflow with enhanced routing capabilities based on specific departments approving or rejecting a real estate document or form. If a real estate agent, title officer, and other individuals from different department branches need to review a signed contract or they want to make comments, add changes and approve or deny the signed contract, then this can be done automatically using the DAC web interface, which stores all documents that need to be reviewed.

Document management solutions help reduce and even eliminate misfiled paperwork and loss of valuable work hours as well as sorting through volumes of folders. It allows organizations to go paperless, maintain workflow and perk up productivity. Document scanning companies offering document scanning and imaging services help convert real estate documents into digital format so that they can be efficiently managed, stored and accessed.

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