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Healthcare Information Management Helps Healthcare Organizations Improve Efficiency


Digital transformation is fundamentally changing companies and their business models all over the world. The healthcare sector is also undergoing many changes with the assistance of data conversion services to provide better service, change every aspect of the patient journey from preventive care, diagnosis to treatment and to ensure efficient management of patient data. Digital tools have taken a more important role in connecting various constituencies in the healthcare ecosystem. And with the evolution of mobility, digital conversion of healthcare is now beginning to boost health in innovative ways.

Healthcare Information Management Helps Healthcare Organizations Improve Efficiency

Digitization in healthcare helps to minimize risk and enable new strategies for healthcare data management and it also helps to coordinate services across the care continuum. With EHR and growing healthcare reforms, healthcare information management (HIM) has become important to both the functionality of healthcare organizations and patient care. According to AHIMA, HIM refers to the practice of acquiring, analyzing and protecting patient medical information. HIM practitioners have to manage digital and traditional patient records, analyze data within those records and familiarize themselves with the information technology practices to protect them from data breaches. According to an analysis conducted by the health information management division at the University of Scranton here are some ways in which healthcare Information management (HIM) is transforming the healthcare industry.

  • Access to patient records: With advanced record keeping, healthcare information professionals ensure that patients can access their records easily online and this improves patient engagement.
  • Be compliant with HIPAA: Sticking to HIPAA regulations is an important requirement for healthcare organizations and failing to do so could lead to huge fines with bad publicity. Being HIPAA compliant ensures data encryption, disclosure policies and breach notification plans.
  • Patient safety with data mining: Health information management professionals are analyzing data for better patient safety. They have a wealth of data at their fingertips that could enable them to analyze trends in healthcare-associated infections or trends.
  • A standard language through information governance: It helps to convert clinical data to valuable information for healthcare professionals, researchers, insurance companies and various other entities. It also assures accuracy and provides information to those who need it.
  • Patient data protection: Healthcare organizations deal with critical and sensitive data such as personal data, claims or codes etc that needs to be protected. The health information department is the custodian of such critical patient information and prevents unauthorized access and security threats to such data.
  • Better coordination: Health information management helps in better coordination of patient care and it also gives a big picture to view a patient and enables real time information to be accessed by physicians, nurses and other clinical staff.
  • Better communication: Health information management bridges the gap between administrators and those who work one-on-one with patients to provide care and closing this gap ensures that no patient data is lost.
  • Offers financial information: HIM integrates clinical care data with financial data and helps executives to make better decisions that improve patient care.
  • Improves healthcare literacy: Many healthcare information professionals are designing strategies to help patients navigate common issues.

As the field of health information grows, it is increasingly being used to develop new applications to improve the patient experience and increase the efficiency and efficacy of healthcare organizations. For any organization to improve efficiency, it should first undergo digital transformation. The first step is to convert all medical data and other data into digital format with the help of data conversion company. A reliable vendor helps to accurately transform paper-based data into accurate digital records that are indispensable to ensure excellent quality care and treatment results.

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