The landscape of photography has changed significantly over the years. Initially, photography was an expensive affair taking into account camera, films, photo developing cost etc but with the advent of smartphones capturing images has become easier. Photographs help in expressing ourselves, evoke nostalgia and also help in communicating with one another. Today there are many… Read More »

Raw files are unprocessed and need to be edited, which can be done by using photo editing software or when large scale processing is needed you can always consider utilizing photo digitization services. Raw is an image file format used by many high-end and professional digital cameras. It is one of the best forms of… Read More »

Amateur digital photo editing has just got a massive shot in the arm. Wannabe and amateur photographers and designers can rejoice since Google has made the once high-end, creamy layer Nik Collection absolutely free to download! Yes, you’ve read that right. Top Level Photography Suite Made More Accessible This top class desktop suite was once… Read More »

Photo restoration is big business. Photos seemingly damaged beyond repair by mold, water, fire or other factors are painstakingly restored after they are scanned and converted to the required digital format. Even if you’ve got photos split into many pieces, they can be joined and repaired. Faded photos, photos with undesirable or unintended light and… Read More »

Old photos are window to the past. Photo restoration has an important role in preserving memories. By repairing and restoring old photographs, you preserve your golden memories for many years to come. The process involves the analysis and digital restoration of copies of the damaged photos with the latest technology, skilled artistry and the greatest… Read More »

Portrait glamorization, the process of transforming torn, faded or part-missing photos into brilliant looking digital images, gives them that professional touch. Portrait photos can be glamorized by adjusting saturation, color, contrast, and brightness. Captured pictures often need basic enhancements such as red eye removal, cropping, and aligning to look more professional. Techniques used for Image… Read More »

As the chemicals used in traditional photographs are sensitive to humid air and sunlight and ultimately led to these photos getting damaged, people started to switch over to digital photography. Digital images are easy to store for a longer period of time without any damage. The most important advantage of digital images is that we… Read More »

There are things such as old slides and photographs you cannot dispose of as they bring back fond memories that are personal to you. Slide scanning is the solution. Slide scanning is also useful for professional photographers and for professionals in the medical, dental and teaching fields who need to produce PowerPoint presentations from slides…. Read More »

The ideal way to revive fond memories is by enhancing old photographs. The latest digital techniques allow old photographs to be restored without damaging the original. If you want the best results, go about it in a professional manner – contact a BPO company that offers digital photo enhancement service. An established firm would have… Read More »

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