Convert Business Files Into Any Format With Data Conversion Services

by | Published on Jul 17, 2020 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Data Conversion Services

As a business grows, documents start accumulating and they can become difficult for the business to organize and manage.

The data can be converted into digital format with the help of a data conversion service. Converting paper-based data into digital format can help you understand, analyze and present information effectively. Digitized data provides accessibility, data visibility and a high level of data security.

There are several types file formats that businesses can convert their data into. Viewing your data in a different format can help to unlock new insights that may otherwise go unnoticed. Converting and restructuring data into a new format can provide a new perspective about the data. This new perspective can help businesses get a better understanding of the data as well as derive new insights from it.

Different Types of File Format For Businesses

  • DOC: This format is a native format of Microsoft Word. It supports images, tables or any other forms of data. This is one of the most popular file formats used by several industries for various purposes. It is useful for writing documents like essays, graphic rich text, etc. and makes editing files easier.
  • TXT: This is a raw text file format that can be created with a Word processing program. Compared to DOC, this format is not very flexible as it supports only text and does not support images, graphs, tables, and other objects. However, it stores that data securely, and allows information to be shared across different platforms.
  • HTM and HTML: This file format is related with web pages and web addresses, but you can save documents in this format. Almost all Word processing systems can format text into HTM or HTML extension. These files can be opened with any browser and viewed in a regular website.
  • PPT: PPT or PowerPoint is a tool that is widely used by students, lecturers and even businesses to conduct presentations and seminars. It supports text, images, graphs, tables, even animations, and video-audio files.
  • PDF: PDF is the most popular file format used by businesses. This extension was designed by Adobe to make documents more presentable and rich. It supports images, text, graphs, tables, 3 D drawings and even audio files. It can retain the format without compromising qualityand is widely used to share important information. PDF has ability to compress huge files into smaller size that makes it easier to share.

PDF or Portable Document Format

Of all these file formats, PDF is the most popular one. This is because PDF files act like a digital, visual representation of the printed page and the formatting is maintained from one device to the next, regardless of the operating system, screen size or other factors. It has wide range of other features like protection of files with password that adds a layer of security, and it works with multimedia elements like embed links, photos and other elements. PDF files can be easily uploaded to a company’s website, optimized for search engines, and can be downloaded by your clients and customers.

Advantage of PDF:

  • Secure: PDF files can be encrypted with password which ensures the safety of the data. Business often deal with sensitive data and PDF provides the ability to prevent the data from going into the wrong hands.
  • Easy to access and share: PDF file works on all the major operating systems like PC or a Mac and even on smart phone operating systems like iOS and Android. This allows anyone to view the file from anywhere easily.
  • Shareable: PDF files can compress high-quality files into a relatively small size and do not take much space in hard drives. This makes it easier to share the files easily.
  • Easily integrate: PDF allows you to maintain visually-pleasing layouts, and make use of links that will open up in the viewer’s web browser when viewing the documents on a computer or mobile device.

Quick Conversion of Files into PDF with Smallpdf Converter

So, a Smallpdf converter is a platform that allows you to convert any type of files to PDF or any other type of format easily, and also lets you edit your files in just a few steps.

  • Upload your file to Smallpdf
  • The tool will instantly convert the file into a PDF file.
  • You can also compress, edit or modify the output file, if necessary.
  • Download the PDF to your device, or export it to Dropbox or Google Drive.

There are several PDF converters that can convert your files into PDF format. But converting hundreds of files into PDF on a daily basis can be a daunting task.

Hiring a data conversion service is the best way to perform bulk document conversion tasks without compromising the quality or safety of the data.

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