Speech Digitization Data ConversionEffective digitization of speech, part of data conversion, which involves conversion of speech from its analog waveform, requires the right tools, technical expertise and patience.

Decoding Speech Digitization

Converting speech from analog to digital format basically consists of sampling and quantizing. This involves changing an analog or continuously variable signal to a digital or multi-level signal without altering the essential content. The sampling process measures signal strength or amplitude of the analog waveform at time markers spaced evenly and represents them as numerical values (ones and zeros) to be added as digital data.

Digitization Techniques

When it comes to digitizing telephone conversations, the speech from the transmitter gets converted from the analog waveform to numerical values. There are many methods for this, and these can be classified into waveform coding, parametric or source coding, and hybrid coding.

Waveform coding involves using the actual waveform to produce numerical values that represent that waveform, based on certain rules. Parametric or source coding involves detecting some speech characteristics including amplitude and pitch, and producing numerical values based on rules describing those speech characteristics. Hybrid coding involves using waveform as well as parametric principles for producing the digital speech version.

Converting Vinyl Records

Just as the craze for vinyl records is rising, so is the need for digitizing them. For people having turntables without the USB connectivity option, digitization would require collecting the right hardware (including RCA cables and preamplifier) and software equipment.

Emperor Hirohito’s Famous WWII Speech

Emperor Hirohito’s famous World War II surrender speech is one of those famous speeches that digitization has brought alive from vinyl records. This August 15, 1945 radio speech that was originally recorded in vinyl records was unclear and of low quality, copied in 1946 by US forces. The Japanese royal family’s Imperial Household Agency has, however, managed to digitally re-master the speech which many Japanese heard for the first time.

Emperor Hirohito was an iconic highly respected figure and it’s ironic that his famous speech had been forgotten till now, even by the Japanese. The digital release is appropriate, considering that 70 years would have passed on September 2, 2015 since the end of World War II, which was facilitated by the Emperor’s speech of surrender.

Data conversion outsourcing, which includes such digitization initiatives, really helps in instances such as these where an important speech that is linked strongly to people’s emotions is being brought to life. It helps ensure efficient conversion by experienced professionals utilizing advanced tools.

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