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Advantages of OCR Scanning for Legal Offices

by | Published on Sep 2, 2013 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

Advantages of OCR Scanning for Legal OfficesOCR or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) document scanning offers many advantages for legal professionals. If you are a busy lawyer looking for efficient digital documentation solutions, simply creating images of scanned documents using traditional scanning methods would pose many limitations. OCR, on the other hand, allows you to convert your documents and images into usable text-searchable format. Once these documents are put in your database, this makes them easier to locate and work with. OCR software works with a scanner to provide you with fast and easy access to your entire library of electronically stored documents, each of which can be located by simply typing in the right keywords.

Here are the main benefits of OCR scanning over traditional scanning.

  • Better Accessibility – With OCR software, it is possible to store scanned documents electronically so that they can be accessed within seconds. In addition to saving storage space, you can integrate web-based solutions with the software that helps you to copy, edit, print, or transfer documents from anywhere. You can import various formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PCX, DCX or BMP with OCR.
  • No Re-Typing Required – Suppose you lose an important file that was scanned using the traditional method. You would need to re-type that file from the beginning. However, with OCR, all you have to do is scan the hard copy and replace that file in your digital storage system.
  • Quick Search – As the software converts scanned documents into Word files, it is easy to search for specific documents with a keyword or phrase. For example, you can find a particular contract by typing its name in ‘Search’ field rather than thumbing through several contracts.
  • Edit Scanned Documents – The software’s Word processing program allows you to edit the text in a scanned document. This is a great advantage when it comes to updating documents. Even fax files can be converted into editable documents.
  • Ensure Security and Integrity – The software provides additional security measures and user tracking to safeguard scanned documents. It facilitates setting up of passwords to protect scanned documents and restrict unauthorized access.

Though OCR scanning improves the efficiency of scanning process and increases productivity, there are challenges involved. OCR transitions work well only if you convert the source documents into large (12 pt or higher), clear, simple font (EG Times Roman or Courier font) with black text against white background. Only expensive OCR software can provide efficient solutions. That’s why it’s always advisable to go in for professional help from a document scanning company which specializes in OCR scanning.

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