7 Common Utilities Used for PDF Conversion

by | Published on May 2, 2014 | Document Conversion / Scanning Services

PDF conversion of valuable business documents offers many advantages. PDF is compatible with all computer operating systems whether Linux, UNIX, Mac, Windows or any other. When PDF content is shared via email, web or intranet, the original formatting, properties and structure of the document are preserved. PDF files can be compressed and thus the document size can be reduced facilitating easy upload and download. PDF files are secure and can be safely shared over the internet.

The industry is coming up with new tools and technologies to carry out PDF conversion from different file formats. Each of these utilities has some uniqueness that makes them distinct from others.

7 Utilities for Converting Scanned Documents to PDF

Soda PDF 6: Soda PDF 6 is free software that allows you to open and print any PDF document, and create PDF from more than 300 file formats. The main modules of this software are:

  • Open: For opening any PDF file
  • Create: For creating PDF from different file formats
  • Convert: Document conversion from PDF to other formats
  • Edit: The edit option allows to carry out the following functions.
    • Cut copy or paste images
    • Font formatting
    • Extract PDF to multiple documents
    • Resize the PDF file
  • Review
    • Add comments
    • Mark documents by highlighting, and underlining
    • Compare and annotate documents
  • Insert
    • Insert images
    • Clip, crop and change image resolution
    • Insert new pages into your document
    • Add page numbers and links
  • Secure
    • Set and control permission levels
    • Protect documents
    • Manage digital signatures
  • Forms
    • Add text, check boxes, buttons and other fields
    • Combine e-mail, submission and print features
    • Generate custom forms
    • Import and export data
    • Manage field sequences and calculations
  • OCR: The Optical Character Recognition module helps to turn PDF, image, or a scanned document into a fully editable file format. This module allows to:
    • Recognize text
    • Convert scanned documents into editable and searchable text

Softi Scan

Softi scan is a PDF scanning application that creates single and multi-page PDFs, without compromising quality. The software has the capability to create multi page documents even with a flatbed scanner.

Other features include:

  • Can scan both single and multi page documents
  • Usage of G4 TIFF compression helps to keep the page size under 50kb
  • Interfaces seamlessly with nearly all TWAIN compatible scanners
  • Scan to PDF has superior image compression facility, which makes the page quick and easy to e-mail

Advanced Scan to PDF Free

Advanced Scan to PDF Free is free software for converting paper documents to PDF format, and has the following features.

  • Can combine multiple documents/images into a single PDF file
  • Its built-in preview window allows real-time preview of output files
  • Provides a secure and reliable digital signature verification platform
  • Has advanced compression technology
  • Provides password protection to PDF files
  • Scans and organizes your paper documents in PDF format
  • Ability to create a searchable, editable PDF file
  • Can load images from your hard drive and combine them with a scanned document
  • Has multi-core CPU technology that facilitates advanced scanning & converting process
  • Free of spyware, viruses or any other kind of malware
  • Ability to edit scanned or local images

Readiris Pro

Readiris Pro uses OCR technology to convert any paper document into PDF format.

The latest version of this utility is Readiris Pro 14, which is distinguished by the following features:

  • Easy to create searchable and indexed PDF files
  • Has high compression technology to reduce the size of images and PDF
  • Ability to rotate and adjust pages
  • Document scanning can be done using a built-in scanning wizard
  • Its cloud connector provides the facility to store, access and manage the converted documents from cloud
  • Can quickly convert multi-page documents into one or many output files
  • Ability to delete blank pages

SolarSys DocScan Pro OCR

SolarSys DocScan Pro OCR is an advanced app for document scanning and PDF conversion. The main features of this utility are as follows:

  • Single and batch document scanning
  • Automated indexing
  • Storage and retrieval without the complexity of a database
  • Scan directly for publishing on your website

PDF24 PDF Creator

PDF24 PDF Creator works with all Windows programs and comes with the following features.

  • Create PDF files from almost any Windows application
  • Provide password protection for existing PDF files
  • Merge and split PDF files
  • Compress/Resize files while performing conversion

Doxillion PDF/Document Converter

Doxillion allows multi-format conversion between different file formats such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, WPS, Word, HTML and so on.

  • Quick and easy, as it follows a one-click document conversion process
  • Batch file converter to convert thousands of files at once
  • Convert source code to HTML

When paper documents are scanned and converted to PDF, benefits such as reduced storage space, reduced cost for records management, streamlined access of information across the organization, and many other advantages are ensured. If you feel it is impractical or expensive to create an in-house set up, you can join hands with a professional document conversion company that offers affordable services, without compromising quality.

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