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RTF to HTML Conversion Services

Our highly experienced conversion specialists are familiar with different versions of RTF specifications.

A reliable document conversion company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS) provides RTF to HTML conversion services and vice versa for clients in various industries such as law, healthcare, publishing, finance, and education among others.

Our highly experienced conversion specialists are familiar with different versions of RTF specifications. They can handle voluminous and complex projects efficiently. We use cutting-edge technology tools and advanced software to provide quality output.

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RTF To HTML Conversion Advantages

RTF is a text file type for exchanging data between various platforms and text editors. This format is friendlier to word processors than HTML. A meta-tag format for MS Word, RTF is now widely used by numerous third-party office packages. However, Rich Text does not have certain capabilities related to Internet use such as linking to files, other web pages, and emails.

Conversion of Rich Text files to HTML allows all the content and layout to be copied from the file, without the need for any additional manual editing. These features are available in HTML. HTML allows creating structured documents and web pages. Other advantages include:


Easy to break up content into digestible bits


Can make links clickable in email


User-friendly interface


Open technology


Supports pictures, colors, boxes, sizes in a way that plain text cannot replicate

Users can also view and edit the converted HTML output. Our team ensures that the original features of the input file such as page formatting and text formatting are preserved.


Plain text is easier to create compared to web pages. Most web browsers and word processors will recognize and open these files automatically. Advantages of RTF format:

Allows all text markup to be included

Offers transparency

Security advantages

Small files with only text require less storage space

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With us, you can benefit from fast and customized turnaround time, secure file transfer options, batch conversion capability, software customization to suit your specifications, and preservation of original document structure including hyperlinks, document cross-links, bookmarks, title, subject and keywords.

With our document conversion services, you can also save 30 – 40% on your operational costs.

For more information on our RTF to HTML conversion services, call our toll free number 1-800-670-2809 or send an email to

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