AutoCAD drawings made with the most recent programme release can be saved in a format that is compatible with the previous versions of the software. With CAD, any blueprints or drawings can be created with a higher standard of precision and presentation, which has increased the demand for CAD conversion services. CAD conversion involves converting hard copy into electronic format which makes copying, editing, archiving, retrieving and sharing of the drawings easy.

To save a drawing in original format, either make the file read-only or open it in the current version, use the File Type choices in the Save As dialogue box and give the drawing a distinct name to prevent overwriting. If you accidentally overwrite the current drawing, you can recover the original filename.bak backup that was made when you saved the drawing. Steps to save an AutoCAD drawing into an older or previous file format also helps if you are sending the drawings to someone who is using a different version of AutoCAD. For teams working on different versions, the option to change the default file format will make life a lot easier.

Check out the infographic below

Saving AutoCAD Drawings to an Earlier File Format